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3 Steps to Transform Weaknesses into Strengths

  • By faber
  • January 31, 2017

Every person existing on this planet is bound to have weakness and strength within them. These strengths and weaknesses could either be in personal life or professional life. There’s nothing abnormal if a person is weak in a particular task in a professional environment or if he has a weakness attached to his personal life. The problem pops up when those strengths and weaknesses go unnoticed. Failing to realize the positives and negatives, what we can achieve and the countermeasures to not lose something valuable results in a big failure over the period of time.

Weakness is negative but the challenge is overcoming that weakness and instead turning it into our strength. The question arising would be how to do the same? Below are 3 crucial pointers to help us transform our weakness into strength.

  • Ascertain decisive and crucial moments: The first and basic step is to identify our weaknesses. Until we realize our weakness we cannot work towards transforming it into our strength. The way to make progress is to identify the nature of the moments that provoke ineffective responses. Pay attention to the times, places, social circumstances, moods, physiological states, or risk perceptions that incite you to act in ways that lead to bad results. Thus the sooner we identify these moments, it becomes easier to act accordingly.

  • Formulate thoughtful practices: The second step must be concentrating on learning or practicing a particular technique to overcome the challenges. Once you identify your crucial moments, identify moderately challenging situations where you can practice the target skill. These skills when practiced over a period of time can effectively help overcome the problems.

  • Develop Emotional Competence: The last step is to develop emotional competence. It means overcoming the emotions and confronting the weakness.  We must be mentally ready to accept an uncomfortable behavior, provoking these unpleasant emotions will simply reinforce that this is an act to be avoided. We must seek out tactics we can use to make the unpleasant act more pleasant, or at least manageable.

The above pointers, if followed effectively can help turn and transform our weakness into strengths, which is very important today to succeed at every step. The challenge lies in identifying the weakness, failing which can lead to serious consequences. Thus, let’s identify our weaknesses, work towards overcoming it and climb the ladder of success holding on all our strength.

Written by Faber Ramya Pillai