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4 Tips to Manage Your Team Effectively

  • By faber
  • June 28, 2022

Being a leader is a tough job. However, being efficient in what you do makes the job easier. For a leader, teams are the trusted hands to do the work without a doubt. But not every leader has the capacity to lead their team efficiently. This Transformation Tuesday, let’s right the wrongs we do while managing our teams. Here are 4 extremely important tips for you to increase your team’s efficiency. 

Trust your team & let them know: 

Managing a team is hard when you realize the diversity of thoughts running across your mind while assigning important tasks. The curiosity and eagerness to delegate the work become the manager’s or leader’s instinct. This particular trait is dangerous for teams trying to function independently. Thus, staying out of the team’s way while they execute the job is crucial to fostering quality communication between team members and growing in the process. 

It is indeed the responsibility of the leaders to monitor their progress. In doing so, you must advise them before assigning the work in great detail and then, critically appraise them after the job is done. This is a true leadership quality. This will allow the teams to have the time frame to implement their capabilities and creativity. 

Clarity of vision: 

The answer to “why the team and what is the team’s end goal” will ensure that all successful management teams work efficiently. Each member must have the clarity to answer these questions. Only then can the purpose of the work they do be fulfilled. 

Therefore, before assigning the tasks to your team, explain clearly why you have provided your team with particular tasks. Then, explain what needs to be done and your expectations related to the work given. Also, providing them with tips and important steps to complete the task will be a bonus to the teams, allowing them to accomplish the tasks much more easily. 

Scrum planning & reviewing:

Scrum planning is nothing but thorough planning of the assignments that are assigned to the respective teams. It includes a clear definition of the goal and deliverables of the project. Then identify the stakeholders, which here implicates thoughtful assignment of tasks and teams for particular projects. Then preparation of the whole schedule for completion of the project along with risk assessment associated with it. 

Be a good guide to your team: 

To manage efficiently, one of the mistakes that management often makes is excessive micromanagement. It is a threat to the teams’ productivity and efficiency. A manager/team leader should empower their teams and not micromanage. Therefore, coaching the teams actively involves listening to their doubts and mistakes, building supportive relationships, and then giving them constructive feedback. This way, teams will actively participate and engage in the work. 

Hence, to manage your teams efficiently, you first need to build your team bonding and identify the individual capabilities of the team members. These 4 tips will further enhance the performance of the teams which directly benefits the management to deliver successful projects on time.