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6 Ways to Ensure Growth Culture

  • By faber
  • September 8, 2020

As organizations grow the dynamics in the organization begins to change. It does not remain the same as it was when there were only founding members in the organization. Change is not always good. None of the organizations would want the culture to fall behind when the organization is growing fast. Culture must be in sync with the growth of the organization. In case of lag, between growth and culture, it cannot be ignored. Organizations should consider this change as an opportunity to reshape the culture as the new business dynamics.

Let us look what we leaders can do, so that the employees in the organizations move in the right direction:

Keep communication open in all directions

As your organizations grows it is difficult to be in touch with every employee in the organization like the old days. So, you need to use different mediums of communication like – emails, phone calls, video calls and keep motivating the employees so that they are aligned to the organizations culture. You also need to communicate to the employees how important is their contribution in the growth of the organization.

Get employee feedback

Leaders need to observe company culture. It is difficult to quantify, still they should keep observing the organization’s culture. This can be done by getting feedback from the employees. Besides asking for feedback during meetings , organizations should conduct anonymous surveys where employees can share somethings that they cannot share openly otherwise.

Share growth culture related stories

Leaders should share stories that highlight their culture. Leaders can discuss stories where the organization went above and beyond for a client or an employee. Stories that should be memorable and effective.

Promote employee engagement

Create an engaging work environment. Encourage celebrations at office. Such initiatives will help to improve employee morale and employees will appreciate the gesture. Management should have small meetings with leadership in the organization. These meetings will enable management to identify opportunities.

Management should demonstrate the values of the organization

Management and leaders should follow and stand by the organization’s values. Leaders should set the right tone for teams in the organization. For instance, even when the organization is rising in growth, not living by the cultural values sets a wrong tone for the business.

Build Internal Teams to Promote Cultural values

Leadership team should build internal teams or champions who shall share the vision and goals of the culture but shall also spread it throughout the organization. Leadership should build such internal champions who will share the company’s vision.  As organizations grow quickly, leadership should ensure that the culture does not lag as it is very rightly quoted by Bryan Walker – “Culture is like the wind. It is invisible; yet its effect can be seen and felt.”