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7 Key Habits for Higher Productivity

  • By faber
  • December 28, 2021

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey are a set of seven behaviors that highly effective people have in common. This Transformation Tuesday, let’s elucidate these seven habits which are intended to improve how we manage our time, how we get higher productivity, stay motivated, and cultivate relationships in both our professional and personal life. Here are Stephen Covey’s seven habits, as well as what we can learn from each of them.

1. Be proactive in your approach.

The very first habit is probably one you’ve heard before: be proactive! Proactivity, according to Covey, is just accepting responsibility for your life. The way you respond to situations can have an impact on the entire outcome, and we often forget that we have the power to alter that.

2. Starting with the end in mind is a good way to go.

The above habit revolves around one word: objectives. Imaginative thinking is required when starting with the end in mind. Consider what you want to do with your life and where you want to be in the future. Then, using that vision, make a strategy for what you’ll accomplish today to get there. This could be about your personal life, a job endeavour, or a relationship. What is your ultimate aim, and how can you get there? This habit is linked to being proactive because it encourages us to take action!

3. Prioritize your tasks.

Simply said, this behavior entails prioritization. When you prioritize your tasks, you’re taking the time to evaluate what needs to be done first, but other things can wait. There’s no need to push oneself too far. Instead, focus on the most critical issues. We should spend most of our time in Quadrant Two, notwithstanding how difficult it may be.

4. Consider the win-win scenario.

Such habit encourages you to focus on collaboration rather than rivalry. Win-win thinking seeks not just mutual profit but also a solution for both parties. Like the others, this habit can be applied at business or in a personal connection. It demonstrates respect, maturity, honesty, and confidence when you take the time to consider what helps both parties. This kind of thinking can help you become a better person and improve your relationships.

5. Attempt to comprehend first, then to be comprehended.

The core of this habit is communication, specifically listening. When someone is speaking, delivering a narrative, or giving directions, we often feel compelled to interject with our own opinions. So, what’s the big deal? We don’t always give ourselves the chance to engage with the other person this way, and you may completely miss their point.

6. Synergize

Teamwork is referred to as synergy. Synergy, a term Covey invented, is “not the same as a compromise,” according to Covey. At best, one plus one equals one and a half in a compromise.” People that are experiencing synergy are taking the time to accept the differences of others. You then feed off of each other’s understanding to get new insight into your circumstance.

7. Make the Saw Sharper

This final habit focuses on the most valuable asset you possess: yourself. You’re taking the time you need for self-renewal when you sharpen the saw.’ When it comes to living a balanced life, taking care of oneself is crucial. We are frequently ‘too busy to make time for what we may require. The rest of the six habits are held together by sharpening the saw. We have no boundaries when our body and mind are empowered.

Written by Faber Aleena Thomas & Compiled by Faber Mayuri Pandya