7 Keys to Daily Work Management

o improvement is complete without sustenance! Implementing projects, improving current situation, conducting audits for monitoring improvements and changes are not effective unless you start the daily work management meetings.

What is Daily Work Management?

The concept of daily work management meeting is basically regularly reaching out to each & every person working at various levels so that a structured review mechanism where a formal discussion is facilitated related to details and communication.

Daily Management is the system that provides the ability to manage departments, functions, and processes, wherein processes are defined, standardized, controlled, and improved by the process owners.

Important aspect is that the management should be done on a day-to-day basis. This ensures that daily jobs and daily objectives are accomplished strictly on daily basis. There is a perfect control system built into daily management, which does not ordinarily allow any slip up on daily plans, activities and results.

Business, we know, is now so complex and difficult, the survival of firms so hazardous in an environment increasingly unpredictable, competitive, and fraught with danger, that there continued existence depends on the day-to-day mobilization of every ounce of intelligence.

7 Keys to Daily Management:

1. Planning and execution of daily plans on a day-to-day basis by every one in the organization at each level from top to bottom.

2. Set of tasks and activities to be executed during the day as per a decided sequence on a time line.

3. Daily plan should be derived from the organization’s vision and mission and the long term/annual objectives and departmental objectives. These get translated into department’s key performance areas (KPA) or key result areas (KRA) as well as the job/position descriptions. In turn, each KPA/KRA is expressed in terms of measurable objectives in that area.

4. Since organization’s annual plans are driven by the external customers’ requirements, ultimately each department’s plan also is focused to fulfil customer requirements.

5. The daily deliverables of each department must fulfil the daily requirements of its next internal customer departments. Therefore, the daily plan of each department and each individual in the department should satisfy this condition.

6. Day’s plan thus arrived at is then the basis for executing the daily tasks and activities. Each activity thus decided must therefore be executed in accordance with the daily plan.

7. In doing so, continuous improvements will have to be effected to ensure that higher performance is achieved within the existing resources and with high productivity.


The daily work management meetings start with forming tiers and the same was initiated at one of our clients, a renowned modular kitchen manufacturer. These meetings are scheduled at a fixed time and fixed location and fixed members to participate in the meetings. The agenda for each tier is fixed and each one has to adhere to the pre-fixed agenda.

The purpose of Daily work management is to make everyone come at a common platform, take charge and ownership of each and every aspect for example improving production, productivity, material availability etc, and most important is the increasing communication.

 Written & Adapted by: Anand Bhattad & Aakash Borse


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    October 13, 2015, 11:38 am

    I want to know that what topics can be covered into Daily Work management.

    How can it improve Team members productivity.

    also I want a simple Format over this which can help me to track data.

    also what type of data can we cover into this.

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    March 20, 2016, 2:03 am

    Very good information and also useful so thank you.

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