A leader’s biggest enemy is his ego!

Beat the ego

Good leadership is needed by every organization in order to lead them into the market and be able to provide them the platform and market share they need along with the opportunities to grow and strengthen their hold on the market and consumers. There are various qualities a good leader must possess of which the most important is being a grounded with no ego. It is highly important for the leaders of the modern era to be grounded with an approach to mingle with the employees of the company irrespective of the difference in position.

With time, as the position of an individual gets higher in the hierarchy of an organization, it is likely that he/she starts getting distanced from colleagues and co-workers. This happens most of the times because of ego. Ego is the biggest enemy of good leadership in every organization and can be highly destructive if left unchecked or otherwise supported. The leaders of the organizations need to be in touch with the employees of lower levels. They must also know about the views and opinions of the employees about the company policies and strategies. It is important since this will allow the leader to know the people and the organization’s image in a better manner and will also help the leader in understanding the nerves of the organization better.

High levels of ego in the leader of an organization will insulate him from the basic levels of the organization and thus will loosen his grip and touch over the culture, people and clients of the organization. People tend to be attracted to the power they receive when they are promoted. With the increase in power, the number of people who wish to please us also subsequently increases which consequently thrusts our ego to new levels. With the unchecked levels of ego in the leader, the perspective and values associated with him/her slowly starts getting diminished and blurred and makes him more vulnerable in front of the employees and the clients as well. It ultimately narrows the vision of the leader and corrupts his behavior.

Getting rid of these high levels of ego is the key in breaking the chains and letting oneself free. One can do this by indulging in more conversations with the employees and helping and supporting them at every corner of their journey in the organization. Developing a relationship is highly important and giving up some of the privileges and perks of the position that insulates you from achieving it can be extremely helpful.

One must understand that leadership is all about giving and taking care of the organization and the employees involved and working for it. It is always about the people and can never be restricted to oneself and his/her pleasures and perks. Leadership should lead people into better places and for that; they must keep their ego aside and away from their personality and their workplace.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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