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February 18, 2020by Faber Infinite

You are busy. You have so many things to do at work and at home. You are running around all day to get things done. Then you realize it is the end of the day. You have been able to complete 2 out of 10 tasks. Why does this happen? You have been working the whole day, still, why were you not able to complete all the tasks decided for that day. You would have come across such situations more often. You have been working all day, but you still are not able to complete the assigned tasks. Does it mean you are lazy? No, you are not lazy, it is the Productivity Mindset that is playing games.

Your mindset is everything. It is the mindset that is responsible for the success. You need to have the right mindset. To achieve goals, you need to have a productivity mindset.

The productivity mindset means you should be clear about your goals and work in an organized manner towards achieving those goals. To have a productivity mindset, you need to focus on the following characteristics:


There always needs to have a purpose that is pulling you towards achieving your goals. There is a direct relationship between purpose/motivation and achievement. The stronger your motivation is higher are the chances of goal achievement. Hence, set clear purpose, identify motivating factors both internal as well as external, that will drive you towards your goals.


Although defining the purpose is the starting point of working towards your goals, you also need to have the dedication to keeping going even when the going gets tough. Sometimes failure affects your motivation levels but being persistent and never giving up is necessary for success. Dedication is the key to being productive.

Clear vision

A clear vision will help you guide your actions. In order to achieve goals, you need to have a clear vision. You should have a mental picture of the vision. Visualization of the goals is a very beneficial technique followed by athletes and top performers. A well defined and clear vision is always essential if you want to be productive


This is the most important factor that shapes your life. There will be many external factors that are beyond your control as you work towards achieving your goals. In such situations, you need to work on your attitude and how you feel about things. Viewing things in a positive way is a must. One should have a positive attitude and work with a productive mindset to achieve set goals.


Pick one thing at a time and work on completing it. There might be too many tasks on your to-do list. It can make you less productive. Focus on one thing at a time that is high priority and work towards completing it. Do not digress from that task. Work on it till it is complete. This will give you a better sense of achievement and help you be more productive.


Be fully aware of what you are working on as this will bring clarity and mental poise. Be present in every task that you are working on. Every task should be aligned with your goals. This will make you aware of what more needs to be done to achieve your goals.

Take time to look at your goals and approach them with the right productivity mindset. This mindset will help you to achieve success in your life. Get ready for success by having a productivity mindset.

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