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After a Storm Comes a Calm

  • By faber
  • September 13, 2021

For everyone to accomplish and complete a task, patience and never giving up are crucial attributes. We confront several problems daily, which is why learning how to be determined is so important in our life.

Several unexpected experiences have been told by those who never gave up, regardless of the difficult scenario. Their determination, their abilities, their skills and much more have brought them unbelievable achievements. These folks have never lost their hope and have struggled persistently to realise their dreams. Acquiring what you want isn’t always simple; getting where you want to go requires a significant amount of effort.

This Transformation Tuesday, sharing a handful of short stories of India’s Unheard Determined Leaders.


There was once a group of traders that travelled from the desert to another location to sell their wares. The tradesman’s leader consulted with the locals and discovered that during the day, the blazing sun heats up the fine sand to the point that no one can walk on it. In addition, crossing the desert takes about three nights. The leader hired a guide to assist them in crossing the desert at night.

The trek began with the guide leading the route and the businessmen following in their different caravans drawn by camels. They were able to cross 3/4 of the desert after a few nights. After a while, the guide relaxed and fell asleep, thinking it was the last night before we crossed the desert. As a result, his camel began to veer to the side. They all went in a large circle to the same area they began last night.

Next morning, everyone realised that they were back at last night’s camp with very little water. And the commander and guide began to blame each other for survival. The Leader took courage and decided to explore the area and discovered a bunch of grass. He understood that it’s incredibly hard for the grass to thrive in this warm desert without water. And then he called other traders and said we’re going to dig this grassy region since water is possible here. Everyone agreed and began digging, soon finding a big boulder that was hard to break. They kept working hard.” The leader then placed his ear against the enormous rock and heard water running.

 As a result, they use all their strength to break the rock. The rock soon cracked open, and water flowed forth. Everyone was relieved, and they resumed their trek by taking the lead in the front.

A leader’s constant companions:

  • Encourage your vision. Keep a clear picture of where your organisation goes every day before your personnel
  • Priority management
  • Tasks to delegate
  • Change that motivates
  • Emergency generation
  • Clear communication
  • Actively listening
  • Risk management

Patience is not just a few days labour, it’s a task with all your strength to accomplish. You do not just start to work on something for a few days when you are determined and then stop but finish it. You will face obstacles from both external and internal sources. That can put your leadership skills to the test—do not lose focus and keep always working toward your team’s goal.

Examine the options available to you and choose what is best for your team.

“Don’t give up easily,” is the main character you require as a leader. Continue to try until you achieve your goal.”

Written and Compiled by Faber Mayuri and Faber Khushi