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Boosting Productivity with Correct Employee Placement

  • By faber
  • May 9, 2017

Have you ever been seated next to an academic scholar in your school by your teacher? Or have you ever witnessed your teacher doing the same to your classmate, placing an academically poor student besides the class topper? Well, majority of us might have witnessed, experienced or could have heard our teacher doing or saying the same during our school days. Being students we might not have understood the motto behind the same.

Such a measure was adopted with an intention to improve a weak student by the influence of the other- the academically good one. Then, you might not have considered it as a very effective step. What would you say if you come to know that the organizations can also adopt the same methodology?

A research was actually conducted and this measure has proven to be very effective and useful. The results of the research suggested that placing an employee next to a productive one can practically boost the former employee’s productivity. Below is the cheapest, quickest, effective, process which can help improve productivity of the employees:

  • Opposites Influence:

Scientifically speaking, opposites attract. When talking about an organization, we can say that pairing opposites work the best. The step is very simple. Place a productive employee next to a less productive employee. The more productive one would help the other one to achieve the tasks. The research highlighted that the workers with strong skills in one area would help the other lacking it. Hence there would be a mutual co-ordination, co-operation and communications helping onto build confidence.

  • Identifying and Splitting the Negative:

We would be able to pair the productive and non- productive group, align them to achieve the desired results. The process does not end there. The next important step would be to identify and separate the negative or toxic workers. Toxic (Negative), here refers to the employees or workers who end up being terminated due to their misconduct, misbehavior, violent nature, fraud, sexual harassment, breach of company policy, etc.

Any employees with alike traits are dangerous to the other good part of people. They, if paired with the positive ones could negatively influence the former leading to a decline in productivity and further problems instead of increase in productivity. Thus it’s very important to identify those harmful, dangerous people and they should be removed to avoid future losses and other serious consequences.

  • Analyze the process:

Once you are done with the above two steps, don’t forget to analyze the whole process. It can help to rewind the process giving a brief about the procedure. This is important because it would help to overlook the effectiveness, success rate, difficulties, challenges, etc. to formulate a better way of introducing the same processes.

Boosting productivity with quality is the dream and motto of every company. But not all are able to achieve the same. The above process would help you achieve the desired results without costing you anything that too effectively.

Written By Faber Ramya Pillai.