Not just skill, build attitude as well.

Employee Training is essential to the success of any and every organization. It helps employees to build skills and competencies required to improve top line & bottom-line results for the organization. Faber Infinite offers a broad range of training programs that are well received by today’s most demanding organizations.

Here we are sharing glimpses of another two-day training session on ‘Foundations of Lean and Business Excellence’ conducted by Faber Infinite at world’s leading manufacturer of airplanes and trains. The client has been doing exceptional work in the domain of Operational Excellence (Lean) and took assistance to conduct training for its team of young leaders on the culture of lean management / continual improvement and business excellence.

The two-day training was a combination of interactive tutorials, team/group work, simulation games, team building exercises that assisted the participants in experiential learning.

In this globally competitive environment, where Business Excellence is the only way to grow and sustain in the market, organizations appreciate the importance of Business Excellence and Lean principles and are training their young leaders.

Team Faber infinite unlocks the concept of achieving world-class performance and implementing steps in Continual Improvement / Lean Journey and help organizations emerge stronger.

Written & Compiled By Faber Mayuri

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