Efficiency Improvement via Time and Motion Study

May 25, 2016by Faber Infinite

As per the book definition, time and motion study is the scientific study of conservation of human resources – in the search for the most efficient method of doing a task. It helps in analyzing and improving the time taken for various operations in organizations. Though being one of the most fundamental and traditional methods, it still acts as one of the most important and effective technique of dealing with the productivity challenges of any organization. In this blog, we will talk about the Efficiency Improvement via Time and Motion Study.

Faber Infinite has deployed Time and Motion study as a tool for improving situations at several client sites. It has helped organizations to deliver optimum results at minimum costs with the help of Time and Motion Study. The benefits delivered with the use of Time and Motion Study for one of our esteemed clients have been phenomenal and well received by the client. The details of it are shared further.

Time and Motion Study was conducted for one of our clients dealing in the Compressors and Industrial, Mining and Rock Excavation, Construction Equipments, etc. A detailed study was conducted to get through the root cause of the problem, with the objective of improving the manpower productivity.

The improvement in Manpower Productivity was conducted via following key drivers:

– Analysing all activities and arriving  at standard time of each activity
– Identifying NVAs (Non value adding activities)  and providing recommendations for eliminating NVAs for future practices
– Providing systematic review aimed towards line balancing activities

The exercise helped client organizations to improve by 33% in terms of production output. Another client in engineering sector achieved 33% savings in material flow with modified layout and 16% reduction in total work content. This study (Time and Motion study) helps to improve the production techniques with ease. And Increases labor productivity, and efficiency improvement, all of which results in cost and wastage reduction.

Though elementary in nature, Time and Motion study outlines the groundwork and facilitates to arrive at better capacity realization and robust planning system. The success stories and case studies for Time and Motion Study are plenty, and it is here to stay for long. Time and motion study could be one of the answers for building competitiveness for organizations and overall industry!

PS: Further details on Time & Motion Study and case studies are available on request.

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Written by: Faber Ramya Pillai

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