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Business Excellence for Accelerated Growth – Faber

  • By faber
  • August 23, 2021

Challenges are part and parcel of any business. More the locations/ units for any business, the higher the challenges. It will require more effort, time, and resources to turn business objectives into actions and realize them. 

There could be hurdles in achieving desired Business and Operational results due to the performance difference between various units and locations. Localized improvements in the workflows and manufacturing processes might result in localized islands of excellence but may have a limited impact on customer service, quality, and cost. 

A vision that addresses all aspects of finance, as well as operational health of the business including safety, health, security, environmental and social aspects at all facilities of the organization; should be ingrained into everyday work activities at all levels of the organization.

Different units of the organization may be operating with different technologies, productivity and efficiency levels, demands, production limitations, and other challenges. As a result, businesses do not grow and flourish at the desired speed, and they do not achieve the profitability levels that they should.

Hence, it is extremely essential to address all of these issues proactively. To overcome these limitations, Uniform Business & Operational Excellence System can be a perfect panacea. 

What is Uniform Business & Operational Excellence System? 

This said Excellence Framework customized to suit the requirements of your organization focuses primarily on sustainability, innovation, safety, quality, and profitability, as well as a variety of other factors that your company would like to improve – to maximize productivity and profitability. It boosts the firm’s performance, reduces costs, and ensures that the firm has reached its desired position with limited resources. The main enablers are as follows:

  1. Standardized Work
  2. Rapid Problem Solving
  3. Organizational Communication
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Training & Development
  6. Knowledge Sharing & Horizontal Deployment
  7. Safety and Compliances
  8. Prevention of Duplication

This Excellence Framework can deliver 

  1. improvement in the manufacturing & manpower efficiency, 
  2. accelerated speed to deploy the improvements across units, and 
  3. leverage the benefits of one unit to other units

There are several success stories of Business & Operational Excellence Frameworks across geographies and industries, whether it is the Toyota Production System (TPS), or Aditya Birla Business Excellence Framework, or other excellence frameworks like Baldrige Excellence Framework or EFQM Excellence Model which are overarching across the sectors and industries. 

Faber Infinite Consulting offers a comprehensive program for establishing a uniform Business and Operational Excellence System for all units to achieve a standard uniform growth system. Our expert team runs through the nuts and bolts of creating a robust framework for your organization, including the formation of the Core Advisory Committee to Business Excellence Champions at all the levels and nurturing and supporting the Corporate Business Excellence Team (CBET). 

All of this ensures that your organization has a strong platform for accelerated growth and profitability. 

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