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November 29, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Heraclitus very well said that ‘Change is the only constant’. In the last edition of iFaber, we brought to you a success saga from Zambia. Similarly, this time, we are bringing another extraordinary tale from the Textile capital of India, Gujarat. We are glad to announce and would like to congratulate Peass for winning the Gold at “International Convention of Quality Control Circle” held at Philippines. Peass is one of the leading manufacturers of textile machinery with various branches across India and plant located in Navsari Gujarat, India.

We got an opportunity to have a talk with Mr. RG Yadav, Plant Head, Peass and would love to share the enriching conversation on growing trends, effects of demonetization and GST on the textile machine manufacturing industry of the nation and much more.

Faber Infinite (FI) – What are your views and opinions on the impacts that demonetization and GST implementation had on the Indian economy and Textile industry?

Mr. RG Yadav (RGY) – What I believe is that to establish and control the Indian economy, there was a need of removing black money from the mainstream market. Again, demonetization was a very good step taken by the Government of India, and I strongly support the decision. I understand that there were some initial glitches created by the decision, but these can always be solved by the Government organizations by reviewing the amendments. Coming to GST, to be honest, it was a need for the Indian market. There is always room for improvement and so is the government doing post its implementation by monitoring it closely. Hence, at Peass, we strongly support both of initiatives taken by our government.


FI – The manufacturing PMI index fell after the implementation of demonetization last November and GST this year in July. What is your take on this and how it has affected the textile machine manufacturing industry?

RGY – As I already said, that these two were wise decisions taken by the government. It may have been a wrong decision to implement both the bills in such quick successions, but these are going to benefit the Indian economy in the longer run.

Coming to textile machinery manufacturing industry, we are associated with all segments of buyers, be it small, medium range or big corporate groups. Implementation of these two bills did influence the purchasing by small and medium size organizations. However, it is slowly picking up and we are very hopeful that it will be back on track by the end of this year or by early 2018.

 FI – What are the challenges textile machinery manufacturing industry is facing in terms of manpower, skills and cost in manufacturing?

RGY – There are always cyclic disturbances in the textile machinery manufacturing industry. Changing and fluctuating economy of neighboring markets, cost cutting in purchase or reducing the manpower. So, these cyclic disturbances have always been present in the industry. However, coming to labor, I do not think that there is any shortage of labor in India. Industries are getting enough manpower to carry out their production processes in the country.

FI – Faber Infinite has been associated with Peass for a very long time and the transformational journey has been termed as ‘Gati se Pragati’. Can you please brief us about how this journey has been for you and how Faber has helped team Peass?

RGY – Before availing the services of Faber Infinite we were involved in many activities like cultural or attitude improvements in plants etc. However, we were not able to reach our desired goals. I must say that Faber has done extremely good job and after associating with Faber, the pace of improvements in all the directions accelerated tremendously. The initiative not only delivered desired exponential results but led to the culture of continual improvement on the floor where last person on the ground is sensitive and appreciative about the growth and improvement, which in true sense meaning of ‘Gati Se Pragati’.

As a result, our two teams from workshop and assembly respectively have won several national and international competitions, including Gold at the International Convention recently. So, yes, Faber Infinite has helped us in achieving a lot over the past few years.

FI – What comes to your mind when you hear the name Faber Infinite?

RGY – Well, to be short and simple, Faber Infinite and its team is very knowledgeable, supportive and vey committed towards their objective. Their endeavors shall definitely help progressive organizations which look for growth and improvement to achieve their goals.

We at Faber Infinite would like to thank our client Peass and Mr. RG Yadav for sharing his thoughts on this entire transformational journey along with demonetization and GST. We really honor our association with them and wish them good luck for the upcoming journey in the years to come.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay Krishna & Faber Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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