Don’t just grow! Learn to sustain it. Part – A

December 4, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Growth is the most talked about term in today’s industrial world and every organization wants to have an exemplary rate of growth. However, it is not just growth that matters. An organization can only be called a growing organization if they are able to handle the growth efficiently and sustain it. Sustainable growth is the key for any organization to pull off the numbers they desire and become the leaders in what they do. There are ten key attributes to sustain growth and will help the organizations in achieving their targets and goals. This Transformation Tuesday we will have a look at the first 5 key attributes and the next 5 attributes will be discussed in next Transformation Tuesday.

  1. Culture

The culture of any organization says a lot about where the organization wants to go and where it is heading. In order to grow and sustain it, the entire organization and the hierarchy must be committed towards working and helping each other to grow. Growing companies always have very specific targets they want to achieve and always keep their analytics ready to compare the results with individual and team targets. Transparency, accountability and high performing standards are the key to sustain growth.

  1. Willingness to win

You must be willing to win. Aiming anything less than a win will always make you fall short of your targets. Growing companies always focus on winning and are highly competitive when someone comes even close to their thrones. Although, winning does not mean one has to bend the rules and ingrain unethical measures in their work culture.

  1. Never give up attitude

There might be phases in sustaining growth when you will lose temporarily. But one must not fear anything and should keep working towards their goals and targets. These phases are temporary and will diminish after a certain period and will leave you with sustainable growth.

  1. Welcome change

Change is a carrier of success. One must incorporate the change in their organization if they are facing troubles in growing or in sustaining their growth. Change has the tendency to intimidate people. However, instead of being afraid to it or resisting it, one must learn to embrace it and move ahead with change and related processes.

  1. Focus on your customers and their needs

Customer will help you grow and will bring business to you. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your customers a priority and work towards making them happy and satisfying their requirements. Acquiring and retaining customers with your good service will ultimately result in you growing over the top and garnering more profits and revenue.

Growth is aspired by every organization so to know about the next 5 attributes stay tuned till next Tuesday.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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