Enhance your team skills: Five Vital points

Team has been an integral part of any institution or organisation.Team work never fails to bring success if worked efficiently.But the significance lies in enhancing the team to perform better each day.

Well, this is not very easy. A good team can surely get the organisation to the top but the  question here is how to get that perfect team? How to enhance team work? Below are some points that can help in doing the same:

  • Leadership: A powerful leader and a great leadership can work wonders. Each team must have a designated leader who would guide, train in times of turmoil thereby taking the team forward successfully.

  • Clarity of goals: There should he a clarity of goals. Each individual in the team and the team as a whole should have clear ideas of the goals which they need to attain over the period of time with their teamwork and combined efforts.

  • Effective Communication: Failure in communication can lead to serious problems, to cause serious damages in the future.Communication or miscommunication has always had serious damages attached to it each time. Therefore, proper care should be taken that effective and frequent communication takes place within a team, followed by constant feedbacks.

  • Suppression of Ego: Harns caused due to ego clashes can be irrevocable. They could lead to extremely severe problems. Well, the basic thing is, teams don’t exist in the presence of ego.Ego  in breaking the team and cordial relationships built over the course of times.

  • Sharing Resources: Resource sharing is another crucial requisite to enhance the team skills.Resouces does not only mean money, tools, manpower but also include ideas, feedbacks, innovative approaches, insights,etc. Not sharing of these resources can lead to underperformance and failure.

Making a team seems to be easy. Difficult part is sustaining the same.Much harder is enhancing the team in order to perform the best.

Written by Faber Ramya Pillai

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