Navigating Rising Labor Cost through Time and Motion Study

August 18, 2023by Faber Infinite

The tides are changing for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers in areas outside Gujarat’s municipal corporation and several other regions. A recent hike in minimum wages has brought a significant increase in pay, with skilled workers getting a hike of 24%. In this article, we will discuss about the How to Enhancing Manpower Productivity through Time and Motion Study?

This recent increase in minimum wages has prompted businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to seek strategies that Enhance Manpower Productivity while adhering to Labour regulations. One effective approach in this regard is the roll-out of Time and Motion Study. By systematically analysing work processes, identifying inefficiencies, and optimising tasks, organizations can boost productivity and nullify the effects of minimum wage hikes successfully. 

While organizations often employ various strategies to increase productivity, Faber Infinite has a widely accepted and well-proven approach to help their clients achieve these goals; Time and Motion Study (TMS). 

What is Time and Motion Study? 

Time and Motion Study is a systematic and analytical approach that involves observing and analysing work processes to identify areas of improvement and increase productivity. It focuses on measuring the time required to complete tasks and scrutinising the motions and movements involved in performing them. The objective is to streamline operations, eliminate Non-Value-Added (NVA) activities, and enhance the efficiency of the workforce. 

  • Time study involves observing and recording the time taken to complete a task.  
  • Motion study analyzes worker’s body posture & activities to identify potential areas for improvement.  
  • By integrating elements of one task with another, businesses can reduce costs and create more efficient workstations. 

Time and motion study is the backbone of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Technology, and Industrial Management programs. By focusing on improving productivity and utilizing time and motion study, businesses can offset the impact of increased labor costs and remain competitive in the market. 

Increase Manpower Productivity through Time and Motion Study with Faber

Faber Infinite has successfully helped clients in various industries to Increase their Manpower Productivity as well as overall throughput.  

Here are some examples: 

Manpower Productivity In Automotive Industry, 
  • Total labour cost reduced by 25% 
  • Productivity improved by ~20% for all the models of radiators studied. 
  • Reduced 4 workstations on average.  


Increase Manpower Productivity In Engineering sector,  
  • Total labour cost reduced by 33% 
  • Output increased from 2 compressors per shift to 3 compressors per shift.  
  • Productivity improved by 33% 
  • Work content reduced by 40% 


Manpower Productivity In Textile machine manufacturing,  
  • Total labour cost reduced by 50% 
  • Work content reduced by 40% 
  • Reduced cycle time from 487 min to 186 min.   
  • Output / man / day increased from 1.84 units to 4.92 units.  
  • Production / day increased from 24 units to 64 units.   


Manpower Productivity In Commercial farms,  
  • Work content of day-to-day activities has been reduced by 40% 
  • This helped to reduce total labour cost by 50% 


Benefits of Time and Motion Study 
  • Inefficiencies Identification

Conducting a Time and Motion Study enables businesses to identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas of wasted effort. This analysis facilitates informed decision-making and the implementation of changes that eliminate non-value-added activities, thus improving productivity. 

  • Optimised Workflows & Processes 

Through Time and Motion Study, organizations can identify opportunities to streamline workflows & establish standardized procedures. By reorganising tasks and eliminating unnecessary steps, businesses can reduce the time taken to complete tasks. 

  • Enhanced Work Methods 

Analysing work methods during a Time and Motion Study helps identify opportunities for process improvement. By studying the motions and movements involved in task completion, organizations can simplify processes, minimize physical strain, and enhance ergonomics. 

  • Realistic Target Settings 

Accurate time measurements obtained from a Time and Motion Study aid in setting realistic production targets. Understanding the time required to complete tasks allows organizations to establish achievable goals and allocate resources effectively. 

  • Training and Skill Development Facilitation 

A Time and Motion Study provides valuable insights into employees’ skills and training needs. By analysing work processes, organizations can identify skill gaps and develop targeted training programs to enhance employee competencies. 

Pedagogy of Time and Motion Study 
  • Define Objectives 

Clearly define the objectives and scope of the Time and Motion Study. Identify the specific tasks or processes to be analysed and the desired outcomes to be achieved. 

  • Data Collection 

Thoroughly observe and record the time taken to perform tasks, along with the motions and movements involved. 

  • Analysis and Identification of Inefficiencies 

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the data collected during the study. Identify areas of inefficiency, bottlenecks, and non-value-added activities that can be eliminated or optimised to enhance productivity. 

  • Implementing Changes 

Based on the findings of the Time and Motion Study, plan to implement changes to improve work processes. This may involve redesigning workflows, introducing automation or technology, rearranging workstations. 


As minimum wages increase, businesses face the challenge of maintaining profitability while complying with labour regulations. Conducting Time and Motion Study offers an effective strategy to enhance manpower productivity. By identifying inefficiencies, optimising workflows, and enhancing work methods, organizations can successfully navigate the effects of minimum wage hikes. Time and Motion Study enables businesses to streamline operations, set realistic targets, and provide targeted training, fostering a more efficient and productive workforce. 

Transform your business with Faber Infinite’s productivity solutions today! Contact us today at [email protected].

Written by Faber Mayur Shinde and Compiled by Faber Jahnvi Shah

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