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Quality Circle is a group of workers or employees, who meet on a regular basis to identify, analyze and resolve work-related issues. Originally, the concept of Quality Circle emerged in the United States but now has become an integral part of the industry of every country all around the globe.

They are usually small formal groups formed by voluntary engagement of employees, generally coming from the same area. The objectives of forming a quality circle are as follows:

  • Improve the quality of products that are being manufactured by the organization in the manufacturing plants.
  • Improve the methods and ways of production.
  • Development of employees and individual taking part in the Quality Circle.
  • Aggravating morale of the employees and motivate them.
  • Respect the human resources and humanity and create a positive and cheerful environment at the workplace.

Another important feature of Quality circle is its flexibility of independent agendas with its own terms of reference. Also, the group works exclusively towards improving the quality of the products by any means and takes core steps to achieve the desired goals.

Quality Circles build trust and understanding between the management and the workers. Co-operation is the key element of production and operation, and not confrontation; quality circles achieve this with successful and precise implementation. It also encourages the sense of belongingness among the members of the circle, making them realize that they have an important job and needs to work hard towards bringing out the optimum efficiency of the organization. This entire concept provides the opportunities to its members to showcase their wisdom, creativity and experience in bringing out the improvements by converting the challenges into opportunities. Moreover, Quality Circles have the advantage of continuity which means that the circle in action remains intact, undisturbed and unchanged from project to project.

Faber Infinite and its indigenous relationship with Quality Circles.

Faber Infinite has a very long and successful record of helping organizations by the means of Quality Circles. We are actively involved in engaging with the quality circles by creating small cross-functional teams and training them to achieve the targets set by the organization and helps them become the driving force to thrust the engines to those numbers.

Faber Infinite has provocatively supported and encouraged Quality Circles and Quality Circle Competitions. It was also the sponsor of the recently conducted 3rd Quality Circle Competition (Western Region), which was organized by ACMA (Automobile Component Manufacturers Association). We have also helped and trained various groups who have moved a step further and has been able to bag medals at Quality Circle Competitions ranging from regional and state levels to international levels.

Our client Peass recently bagged Gold Medal at International Convention for Quality Control held at Manila, Philippines. Our several other clients including Inox, Strongpak and many others have been able to leave their marks in such competitions. Moreover, with the training Faber provided to the team members, the circles have managed to achieve the desired growth and reached the favorable numbers. The growth was sustainable and hence the productivity of the organizations was improved significantly. The impacts were clearly seen on the energy and morale of the workers as well.

Faber Infinite has always been a sincere supporter of continuous improvement and is a well-recognized name. It has a very successful record of helping companies facing problems in the manufacturing department and has provided assistance to roughly 1000 companies. Quality circles have been an integral part of the modern industry and its collective benefits can provide the organizations with optimum results.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay Krishna & Faber Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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