Lean Facility Design: Benefits and Layout Design

February 7, 2023by Faber Infinite

One of the crucial choices that affects an operation’s long-term efficiency is the layout. Layout has strategic ramifications since it determines an organization’s competitive priorities with regard to capacity, workflows, versatility, and cost, as well as with regard to the quality of the working environment, customer relations, and branding.  

An organisation can also, establish a strategy that promotes distinctiveness, low cost, or customer experience with the use of an efficient layout. For instance, Walmart’s warehouse architecture and store layouts both complement its low-cost strategy. Whereas Benetton implements a differentiation strategy by placing significant investments in warehouse design that facilitate quick, precise sorting.  

Hence, while taking decisions relating to new facility layout designing, every top management must understand the importance of layout designing. This one decision can build or break your business for better or for worse. The right choice is to implement world-class practices and procedural methodologies to have a positive impact of the decision taken for new facility layout designing. 

The best tool available, today, for creating cutting-edge and effective facilities for new factories or plants is Lean Facility Design by Faber Infinite Consulting. This unique, copy-righted toolkit called as Lean Facility Design© (LFD) by Faber Infinite when implemented, ensures that the new plant is as efficient as possible instantaneously. This approach combines project management, lean management, and industrial engineering. 

Lean Facility Design© is the ideal tool for every new industrial layout for the following five main reasons: 

  • To stop any inefficiencies from being introduced into a new plant 
  • To maximise space usage 
  • Minimizing the total throughput time (from raw material to finished goods delivery), 
  • To achieve top-tier productivity growth 
  • To operate with the ideal quantities of inventory 

Manpower planning, warehouse space optimization, material storage design, visual management, design for material handling systems within factory and more are examples of typical topics covered by the Lean Facility Design© Methodology. 

Benefits delivered from Lean Facility Design©: 

  • Efficient Layout Design with multiple options considered 
  • Best in Class Flow Design 
  • Reduced capital investments 
  • Reduced throughput time & inventories 
  • Best in Class Manpower Productivity 
  • Reduced floor space/storage space requirement 
  • Right size logistics equipment planning and much more 

To facilitate planning and designing new facility, Lean Facility Design© undertakes 3 phases to provide you best-in-class layout: 

  1. Training – Value Stream Mapping – Future State Mapping 
  2. Flow Management – Supply Chain Design – Manpower Planning 
  3. Layout Designing – Material Handling designs – Visual Management – Risk Assessment – Project Planning 

For a variety of sectors, including Cryogenic Tanks, Packaging Containers, Solar Panels, Woven Sacks, Auto Components, Irrigation Pipes, and many others, Team Faber has consistently delivered remarkable results by implementing Lean Facility Design©. 

Our team members’ extensive experience has yielded tangible results for manufacturers, such as:  

  • A 36% increase in productivity and throughput time
  • A 35% increase in employee productivity
  • A 34% decrease in inventory costs
  • A 17% or higher increase in space usage

In addition to being effective for companies setting up new facilities, this unparalleled best-in-class methodology also offers exceptional benefits in redesigning, relocating, or expanding existing organisational setups. 

Contact us for more information on Lean Facility Design© on www.faberinfinite.com  

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