Friday Fact – Power of Lean Six Sigma

Did you know, The US army is saving billions of dollars with the help of lean six sigma?

Since 2006, thousands of military officials have been achieving Green Belts, Black Belts & Master Black Belt SIx SIgma. The Army used Lean Six Sigma methodologies to save more than $19 billion by eliminating operational inefficiency and improving services.

In 2017, Army officials held a function in Washington, D.C., to honor 13 programs across 11 departments and ranked them as the best Lean Six Sigma initiatives for 2016. With the help of Lean Six Sigma project, the Army saved millions of dollars and eliminated wasted time and efforts.

The US Army started using Lean Six Sigma methodologies since 2006. In the year 2016, the army earned 3 awards for

  • Saving the total cost of $66.2 million by costs savings, cost avoidance, and revenue generation.
  • Saving the total cost of $5.7 million in the health care department of Military.
  • Saving almost $3 million for 21stTheatre Sustainment Command.

As we all know, the roots of Six Sigma lies in industrial manufacturing. But, the use of this methodology has become widespread across several industries, as well as with non-profit and government organizations. Lean Six Sigma has been delivering outstanding results across industries. Are you using it?

Written & Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri

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