Go Green: Sustainable Yet Viable

To decide to go green isn’t just about the present state of the planet, it’s also about the ever-unfolding future. It’s about the limited resources of the planet. In 1800 there were 1 billion people populating earth, which doubled by 1922. That 2 billion tripled to 6 billion by 2000, and conservative estimates are that there will be 9 billion people inhabiting our little planet by 2050.

Considering how many people are homeless and starving at present, what will that future be like if ways to go green and sustaining the planet and its population are not put into place before that future arrives?

Apart from the small things people can do on a daily basis to ‘go green’ with a positive impact on ‘life on earth’, if we want a sustainable and economically viable future, we need to ensure that our industry also does not harm the environment.

Faber Infinite strives to help organizations to secure resource-efficient green growth. These initiatives are economically viable while protecting the environment. Team Faber Infinite provides services and expertise to promote & implement ‘Green thinking’ and sustainable yet efficient patterns of production.

Faber Infinite addressed the CII interaction on sustainability at ‘Victoria India Sustainability Dialogue’ on 6th March 2014 at Vadodara. The objective of the session was to showcase the capabilities in the Sustainability Sector and concurrently to interact with industry stalwarts of Gujarat, India and Victoria, Australia.

Some glimpses of the event are captured below.



For further details on ‘Going Green’ from industry perspective, please feel free to reach us at consulting@faberinfinite.com

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