Go Green this Earth Day !

This Earth day, play your part by making small changes around the home/shop floor to cut back on your electricity consumption? For every kilowatt hour you can knock off your meter, you’re saving coal or natural gas that gets burned to generate electricity.

Small changes might not seem like much, but if everybody pitches in, the nation can make a big dent in its fossil fuel usage. That means less carbon released into the atmosphere, less contribution to climate change and a healthier planet.

So sit back today to think about what you can do to use fewer natural resources, streamline a manufacturing process or improve a Green Manufacturing initiative!
Lean is Green, and green manufacturing is better for Earth. Here are few examples from industry winners who have been successful in marrying Lean principles with benefits of green manufacturing:

  • From 2005 – 2007, General Electric reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 250,000 metric tons and saved $70 million in energy costs.
  • A Baxter International facility combined Six Sigma and energy-efficiency efforts to save $300,000 in energy costs in one year.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America has reduced average facility energy consumption per vehicle by 30 percent since 2000.

It’s interesting that these three companies, very familiar to Lean practices, are bridging the continuous improvement gap between operational performance and environmental performance.

While there’s no doubt that lean manufacturing will result in lower material and labor costs and greater production revenues, what is important is to know more about the benefits of lean in relation to green manufacturing. To know more call our expert team to reduce your energy bills!

Happy Earth Day 2017 !

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