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Go Smart !

  • By faber
  • March 13, 2018

Digital manufacturing is taking over the world as we talk about it. The world is getting ‘smart’ and so is the manufacturing sector all around the globe. We are going to cover the journey and important checkpoints involved in the journey of becoming a digital manufacturer in this blog of Transformation Tuesday.

  • Cybersecurity is a must

If you are getting smart, the first and foremost step to proceed is to get cybersecurity. The more you go digital, the more it increases the need for a safe platform to do business. It is really important that you provide a safe and secure platform to your clients, users, investors and suppliers on the digital platform to have a profound impact on your business.

  • Get to know what is smart manufacturing

One should know what it is before getting into it. Smart manufacturing is a subset of manufacturing that covers a broad range of aspects of manufacturing and integration of technology that correlates manufacturing to employing computer controls and adaptability. It is an aggravated use of advanced artificial intelligence to ensure a better and more efficient production session.

  • Realize the viabilities of smart manufacturing

If the latest trends are to be followed, many manufacturers all across the world have now started to use smart technologies and have integrated them into their manufacturing divisions. The investment in this sector is booming and smart manufacturing is likely to flow down through any supply chain in the coming years. Many experts are already comparing it to the likes of LEAN tools and ISO 9001 requirements and have already put smart manufacturing in the ‘crucial list’.

  • Analyze the present scenario around you

Analyze the trend of smart manufacturing around you and evaluate the results the integration is going to give for your business. However, many manufacturers have already started using advanced technologies to collect data for their businesses, basically for inventory and warehouse tracking, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control and many more. Although, all this can only turn profitable for your business if you have precisely analyzed your surroundings for the viability of these advancements.

  • Build inventory and go smart

The last and final step involves building inventory and integrating the computer controls and systems into your manufacturing units for designs, resource planning and other processes. These basic advancements are the building blocks in the journey of gong smart. Moreover, connect these systems for data access and monitoring as you move ahead on the journey. Also, benchmark your company and your products as ‘smart’ in order to gain access to the ‘smart manufacturing’ paradigm.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri