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Business Creation has been one of the most anticipated roles for any organization. It is one of the most fulfilling and prioritized tasks that helps the organization in building its client base and garner more profits in this competitive industrial world. Business creation and its relative processes play an important role in keeping not only the organization but the clients as well up and running. Aditya Gupta, our hero on the field has helped several clients in a number of ways. In this edition of iFaber, we have brought to you something different, something unique direct from the field and first-hand experience of client delight and client servicing. Below is an excerpt of our conversation with Aditya Gupta, our business creation leader.

About Aditya                                                                                   

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; Aditya holds a masters degree in marketing management with his first degree being in Computer Engineering. He has been an important asset for many organizations with experience of more than three years in client servicing and business creation. He is a curious individual who has a very keen heart for exploring and knowing core concepts. Another important and interesting fact about Aditya is his immense interest in Cricket. Aditya happens to be a huge cricket fan with in-depth knowledge about cricket and has a deep insight into facts and analogies.

Journey at Faber Infinite, aspirations, passion and much more!

“I have always wanted to do something that creates and adds value and can impact lives and I always work towards achieving this goal of mine”, says Aditya. In the contemporary industrial world, I aspire to become a value-adding and instrumental figure for my clients and the organization.

When he was prompted with the question about his passion, he said, “Cricket will always be my passion. Earlier I wanted to become a fast bowler and somewhere in my heart, I still do!” He further added, “I am a big fan of former Indian Captain, Sourav Ganguly. I have always found him very passionate about his team members, his captaincy and himself about the way he led the entire Indian team and achieved perfection. In the same manner, I also want to achieve absoluteness in whatever I do and create. It helps me to look for solutions for my clients and prospects and offer them world-class exponential business results.”

Aditya describes his journey with Faber Infinite as a phenomenal and quite a learning one. “With the company having expertise in various industries across various locations, I believe it has added to my skill set and has made me more prominent and effective in offering the best to our clients and prospects. Moreover, I want to add that with the operations management background and all the professional resources, I am equipped to understand business challenges (said and unsaid both) for my prospects and helping them achieve the unexpected. There are several such real client stories from the central Gujarat region.”


Talking about the challenges, according to Aditya, one of the biggest challenges any business creation manager faces is to build relationships with the clients or with the prospects. “It is extremely important to build trustworthy relationships with the clients and prospects if you want to conduct business with them”, says Aditya. Meeting several new leaders from the top management and providing them with tools and solutions with assured results to achieve their unfulfilled business goals is what Aditya does day in day out, in his fulfilling career at Faber Infinite.

Various other challenges like uncovering the real client needs, defining the challenges of the clients to the operations team and designing apt solutions to ensure successful transformation journeys is what he gives utmost attention, with which he creates amazing and fruitful results.

Problem Solver

Aditya has not only been a business creation manager but has also established himself as an efficient problem solver among the clients and team members. Many clients have been benefitted with his services which includes a client saving capital by few crore rupees and helping the other in obtaining a long desired certification via improved processes, which helped them to build credibility in their processes and products.

What’s the way forward?

“I have always liked to be the captain of my team and would definitely like to look forward to leading a team of my own at Faber Infinite which I could lead from the front and help more clients.” Furthermore, he also wants to keep moving ahead with the philosophy of his life which is to grow and make people happy. He wishes to create a more fulfilling world with a pleasing environment around him and his team members.

Aditya has been an instrumental individual in assisting several clients for Faber Infinite. With his experience in the field, we look forward to growing together and achieve heights that are yet to be explored.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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