How to boost employee morale during Covid-19?

January 24, 2022by Faber Infinite

Maintaining staff morale is a concern for 65 percent of firms during COVID-19. Learn how to increase employee engagement and productivity during COVID-19 by attempting to address their main issues and difficulties on this #Transformation Tuesday!

#1: Celebrate milestones and events

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has posed difficulties for numerous businesses around the world. Many businesses are simply struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic, with significant declines in revenue and fewer sales. Given the current economic climate, it is critical for business leaders to recognise corporate and employee successes when they occur.

Even if the wins are minor, try to share them with your team on a regular basis. A new sale, a great storey or comment from a consumer, or a new partnership with another company are all examples of this.

It’s critical for employees to understand that there are still possibilities and triumphs available throughout this crisis. This will keep their morale and motivation high.

#2 Make resources more accessible.

Ensure that your employees have the resources they need to execute exceptional work in order to maintain a positive employee experience. To work efficiently in a remote workplace, they may now require additional tools. For example, new video conferencing software, a VPN, a headset, or a separate laptop and display arrangement may now be required for all employees. The first step is to ensure that they are at ease in their remote working environment.

Consider giving wellness services to your staff during this time of distress. It’s no secret that since the revelation of COVID-19, stress levels have increased. Some employees may feel overwhelmed at times, with concerns ranging from their health to their job security.

Don’t forget about your employees’ mental health during this pandemic; make sure they have the resources to get help if they need it. These are some methods to show that you care during COVID-19, whether it’s emphasising and encouraging them to use the benefits that they have accessible, holding virtual fitness sessions, or sending them resources regarding stress management.

#3 Expand your strength and flexibility.

Some employees may discover that their typical 9–5 schedule is tough to maintain when borders between home and work life dissolve. Some employees may have children that they now have to care for 24 hours a day, while others may be caring for ailing relatives. It could be beneficial to provide flexibility in terms of working hours.

Allow this option if some employees need to start work earlier or work later in the evening. Additionally, if some staff aren’t as quick to respond to emails or messages, consider giving them some leeway. We are living in an epoch that is unlike any other. Trying out different workplace dynamics during this pandemic could pay off in the long run.

Companies that can create flexible work arrangements today and sustain them beyond the COVID-19 issue will have a better chance of attracting job candidates and retaining talent in the future.

#4 Communicate effectively

During COVID-19, it’s vital for company executives to keep the public calm. Employees generally admire company leaders and seek to them for guidance during times of crisis. Employees are likely to model a company leader’s tension and dissatisfaction if he or she is stressed and frustrated. As a result, when dealing with their staff, leaders should aim to remain calm and moderate their emotions.

While it’s natural to turn inwards in times of stress, it’s vital for business leaders to avoid doing so. At this time, it is critical that company executives interact often with their employees and provide them with accurate information. Consider holding a bi-weekly or monthly “COVID-19 Meeting” to discuss your contingency measures as the situation unfolds. Employees can use this as a resource.

Written by Faber Aleena & compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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