How to Handle the Naysayer on Your Team

Is opposition necessary to make successful decision? How to treat people who oppose now and then? How to handle naysayer on your team? Are naysayers required in successful team?

In our day to day life we make lots of decisions. Many decisions may fail if they are not critically examined. Opposition is not always reason of conflict but it may improve decision-making as decisions are analysed from all aspects.

Despite the initial reactions of dislike, discomfort, annoyance, and resistance to opposition, successful leaders and healthy teams know that disagreement and differing viewpoints are necessary for good decisions and productive teams. When you separate the behavior from the person, notice and manage your own reactions, and take explicit steps to encourage and reward opposition, you will be moving toward building stronger teams and running your business more effectively.

On first Tuesday of new financial year, we are glad to share interesting article on how to handle naysayer on your team.

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