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How to Welcome 2021?

  • By faber
  • January 5, 2021

Most of you when asked about 2020, give the same answer that it was the most devastating year. The personal and economic losses have been phenomenal. It is difficult to remember much more than COVID, ever-changing conditions that affected our capability to control our destiny.

 As we welcome 2021, this new year brings in a lot of hope. Besides the crisis in 2020, we learned a lot of things like gratitude, advances in technology, collaboration, and kindness across the world. Below are a few of the things we have learned from 2020, we encourage you to incorporate.

1. Innovation

These tough times forced us to think differently. In many cases, we had to unlearn and learn. This mindset of growth and innovation is a gift from COVID. We just need to stick to this approach for some more time and it will carry all of us beyond today and into tomorrow.

2. Flexibility

We need to cherish this new habit of being flexible and adaptable. We have learned to adapt to the changes happening around us. We have been able to consider the situation and create a vision around these changes – these are those who dealt well with 2020 and will do wonders in 2021.

3. Learn New Skills

We have been able to learn using different platforms right from mastering something as simple as zoom to using the complicated virtual conferencing tools. We have also developed other skills that have helped us to grow professionally and personally. The skills that we developed in 2020 will be more relevant in 2021. It will increase our value as we master new skills.

4. Communication

2020 taught us to be connected professionally as well as personally. It taught us to communicate intentionally. The root cause of most of the problems is lack of communication. We should always be intentional and purposeful in our communication to avoid issues and problems.

5. Mobility

We have learned to perform our work from any location. This has opened door to new opportunities. We can hire people who are not from the same location like the office location. We can allow people to stay where they belong and work for us.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri