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Identifying the ‘Star Employees’: A key to business success

  • By faber
  • April 18, 2017

Employee development, employee training is often considered synonymous to company growth. Needless to say, every organization has some stars among their employees who contribute majorly to the development. Unlike earlier times when hardwork and capabilities of employees went unnoticed, rather unappreciated, today due importance and appreciation is given to them.

As said above, every organization consists of some stars which outshine others considering their work and commitment. Considering the competition, every company wish to have a bunch of stars in their organization. But the success depends upon their timely identification, consideration, appreciation, etc. Proper deployment of your employees for doing the right task at proper time acts as the key. For Instance: Having an employee with expertise and interest in software development if assigned the task of business development won’t work great. There would be no result as expected plus frustration on the part of employee as well the employer.

So what takes to grow your company successfully? Not just mere presence of your organizational stars but also the understanding of their capabilities and interest. Below are some steps which can help you attain your organizational goals taking into consideration talents of your star players (employees.)

  • Identify your stars: The first, important and basic step would be to identify the stars in your organization. The task should not be very tough, provided there is very less employee involvement and communication. Leaders should be able to identify the skills and talents of the employees. If you achieve success in doing the same, the rest of the task becomes relatively easy. This does not happen overnight. For identifying the true capabilities of the employees you need to know your employees thoroughly.

  • Identify the potential: Once you successfully identify the true gems of your organization the next step would be to understand them well in terms of their potentials. If you think that your task gets over by identifying and recognizing the stars of your organization then you won’t achieve the desired results. You must be able to understand their strengths and weaknesses too. This would enable to deploy them at the right place, rather than placing them at the wrong place with wrong task on hand who would be least interested to undertake the same.

  • Identify the most significant tasks: Till you reach this stage you might have a brief idea about where to go and which path to travel. So, the third step would be now to understand the significance of tasks which needs to be undertaken. More essential the task, more capable should be the person. There lies a direct relationship between the two. The tasks should be categorized on the basis of priority and significance, according to which they should be assigned to respective people.

  • Ensure the accomplishment of the most significant tasks: After you identify the most important tasks and assign it to the stars of your company depending upon its priority and prominence you must ensure that it is embarked in the same way it is supposed to. The person to whom it is assigned should know its prominence and should ensure that it is carried out in the best way.

Thus it’s important to have a constant, mutual co-ordination, employee involvement and employee engagement to identify the star talent, resources of your organization. This works best when you provide them with their part of motivation, appreciation and very importantly when they are NOT taken for granted.

Written By Faber Ramya Pillai