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Integrate safety with proper measures

  • By faber
  • April 17, 2018

We have always focused on the importance of safety and the benefits it can bring to the workplace if introduced properly. A workplace is supposed to be safe from injuries and accidents for the employees in order to have a full-fledge flow of work and better and improved productivity. Many a times, people realize the importance of safety but fail to implement certain measures properly. In this section of the blog, we will discuss how to successfully implement our safety plans into action.

  • Repetition is the key

Repetition makes one remember certain idea. When everyone is repeatedly told about a particular idea, he/she is bound to remember it while at the workplace or at his home. People usually make mistakes and become a victim of accidents and mishaps when they do not focus on safety measures while working on complex projects or things that are highly stressing. Repeatedly reminding them about the safety measures to be carried out at the workplace while doing any kind of job is one of the many ways to keep accidents out of the gates of the workplace.

  • More humorous yet intrinsic approach

While working on serious and important projects, reminding employees about safety in the same old approach is not going to help. Getting creative and adding humor to the messages regarding safety is a more compelling and impactful method to keep the employees updated about the safety measures. Moreover, it also lightens the dull environment which usually gets build up while working monotonously on the same thing.

  • Remind in different ways

Again, reminding and telling people in same way to make them aware about the importance of safety and safety measures is a dull and quite monotonous way of keeping the employees in loop. One should focus on adding various ways and integrating them in the work culture of the organization in order to constantly remind and update the workforce about the safety measures. Adding variety will also keep the employees more interested in the process and keep them motivated towards adapting the safety measures.

  • Convince the whole team

Involving your workforce in the entire process is one of the most important ways to successfully implement the safety measures in the workplace. Furthermore, it is the manpower who usually faces the workplace hazards and are more prone to accidents and mishaps, hence, involving them in this and getting their reviews and feedbacks can help one in building a strong foundation for the ‘safety building’ in the workplace.

  • Rewards and demerits

Recognition and acknowledgements are two most thought about things in the workplace. Everyone likes to be recognized about the good work done and feels happy and motivated when rewarded for the hard work. It is a great way to keep the workforce motivated towards complying with the safety measures. However, there are always exceptions and the leadership should address them as well. They should be strict about their approach towards non-compliance and should present a very strict and dynamic front when it comes to demerits. It should not be demoralizing but should be effective enough to prevent repetitions.

  • Be Proactive

The most quintessential parat in implementing safety measure is anticipating the hazards and preventing them before things go south. Leadership should be proactive when it comes to safety and instead of shouting safety in response of an accident, they should anticipate the safety hazards. Analyzing the workplace, noting down the hazardous areas and working on them is the only solution to stop accidents at the workstations.

  • Safety leads to happiness and motivation

A safe environment will encourage the employees to focus on the work and will ultimately improve the productivity and quality of the produce. An effective safety plan to for the betterment of the operating environment rather than complicating it will make the workforce realize that they are the top priority for the company and will induce a sense of being a marquee asset.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri