Inventory Management – Delivered!

Faber Infinite and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Indore conducted a training workshop for the industry managers on Materials/ Inventory Optimization and Management, to learn best practices toward achieving effective inventory management.

The objectives of the program:

– Understanding of Materials/ Inventory management; the need, drivers & the factors weighing it down

– To establish the systematic framework of Materials/ Inventory management with different models and guidelines

– Strengthening Inventory Management Practices

It was attended by more than 30 participants from different organizations and varied sectors. The audience very well received the program and methodology was appreciated. Simulation games to drive the inventory management concepts made the session all the very interactive and interesting, engaging all the participants till the end.

Few glimpses of the program are as follows:

 Participants in Action: Simulation Game


Participants in Action: Simulation Game


Faber Infinite & Indore Participant Fraternity

In today’s highly competitive environment and in these uncertain times, to survive organizations must implement world class practices. Part of this process is to get the “fat” out of your inventories, to be sure that every piece of every product you stock leads to profitable sales. This is where inventory/material management plays a major role.

The copy of the presentation and the material is available on request.

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Reported by: Mayuri Pandya

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