Key Drivers for Successful Organizational Change

April 4, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Successful Organizational Change

We have multiple times talked about organizational change, transformation, importance of adopting change and many more such aspects related to change. Today, we are going through, rather witnessing a phase of organizational transformations across industries. But how to sustain that change and make people accept the same. Mere realization of the importance of change cannot do wonders until we adopt the same open heartedly.

How to welcome, embrace; sustain change along with creating a sense of acceptance among the employees. Below are three influential pointers from which would help and guide to welcome and sustain the change:

• Experience speaks:

As said rightly, ‘Experience is the best teacher.’ Experience speaks and is much more influential than any words or phrases. People would trust the experiences more than words. Thus the best way to make stakeholders adopt change is to make them experience the positive impacts of change. But that’s not that easy. A better option is to experience or try to understand it from stakeholder’s perception. It would enable to know what they would undergo, to build an effective management plan. Simply speaking, ‘place yourself in their shoes’ which will help you to devise an improved, effective change.

• Ease in use:

Anything that is easy to use tends to become favourite among people. People do not like difficult things, be it a new product, service, task or any of the kind. So must be the change. Any change which is comparatively easy, which would make life easy than earlier would be loved by the employees. Thus the top management or leaders must try to introduce a new initiative or a change that would be very effective, though challenging but initiated in such a way that it looks easy.

• Complications would resist change:

People often resist change because it breaks their comfort level. The process of coming out of their comfort zone to adopt new things, according to them could be very difficult which would also lead to stress, anxiety and other complications. This is true to some extent but these complications don’t prevail over the course of time. More easy is the process of adoption, further it would be easy for the employees to adopt the same.

Every change is unique and complex. The onus lies on the people who introduce the same to the people in the Organization. The art of presentation would solve half of the problem. A sense of empathy and the presentation skills would make it very effective and easy for the people to accept, embrace and follow the change.

Written By Faber Ramya Pillai

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