Lean Manufacturing

Every person is unique in his/her own way and his thinking decides the way he wants to grow. Growth can be achieved if things are done in right way and in right manner using right resources. One’s creative and analytical thinking helps them to grow and complete any task in faster and better way.

Our week starts with some planned activities. Do we really complete all those tasks which we decide to complete in a time frame? Answer would be NO. Reason being we don’t plan well and that is why most of our tasks remain uncompleted. We need to make ourselves operationally efficient. Efficiency will not come until we decide how much useful any task or activity is.

Tuesday is best day to plan our activities for rest week as on Monday we generally complete all those uncompleted tasks of last week and Tuesday transforms our whole week if we plan our activities in better way.

To support your journey of achievement, we would like to be part of your progress by sharing some insights which may help you to focus on new areas or untouched areas. We are glad to start “Transforming Tuesday”. Faber means Craftsman. We all are craftsman of our own success. At Faber Infinite, we would like to be part of your infinite growth and success.

Above file Lean Manufacturing talks about Lean Manufacturing and its benefits. It gives some glimpses on various tools which can be implemented and few obstacles in implementation of Lean Manufacturing.

Hope you will like it! Your suggestions to make it better will be really appreciated!

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