Learning – The only Process to keep you in the Race!

Jim Womack, Peter Senge, Daniel Kim and many other thought leaders have propagated the importance of learning organizations integrated into the mainframe system of an organization. Although people might have objected to these over the basis of rising inconsistencies in the recent period, the application of lean and learning organizations remains unquestioned because of its pure benefits such as standardization and waste elimination. Moreover, it is not about the attitude that we invest, but the actions we inculcate during the processes to make our intentions a reality. Below are some of the key actions that can make learning a sincerer part of your organization.

  • Experimentation – Regular testing and changing the way of preparing and presenting plays an important role in the learning organization. It helps the company to get a better insight of what will really work with the customers, despite external factors like value, technical failures and inconsistency in equipment capacities.The customer in the 21st century is real and evolving at the same time. Hence, the targets of the entire process should be kept dual-faced. First, the organization should set up the step by step module of the entire process they want to implement and should make a list of the results they are expecting to achieve soon. Also, a regular study and research to bring out the analysis of the things happening around can blend a strong knockout. Second, the test should be as fast, cheap and risk-free as possible. Also, in this ever-evolving scenario, some experiments might be able to hit the target points, some might not. These results should be properly examined and before giving out the final answer and entering the stages of learning.
  • Reflection – Reflection is somewhat the opposite of what we discussed earlier in Experimentation. It is also based on reality but doesn’t take the road on to testing specific changes. Reflection is basically deliberate pauses that are implicated in the processes to get a closer look at what and why. It may be introduced either to an event or a series of event occurring at the same time as found convenient. It is meant to be an academic exercise and its vitality i.e. changes to practices and processes in the form of updated standards should always be given high priority
  • Learning Objectives–Learning objectives in a process defines how important learning process is in bringing out the best of a project. Learning in an assignment is usually thought in the later stages which is a basic conceptual problem in many organizations and firms. Establishing learning objectives will not only increase the paradigm of benefits but will also increase the performance objectives. All these processes might seem heavy considering its package nature but will produce an appeal to the desired segments when spread on the floor precisely.
  • Captured and Reused Knowledge-A sustainable performance is a very important entity that defines the success of any company. To achieve so, the basic steps; include keeping a record of previous note and following them up with suitable tracks to minimize the risks of fragmentation. Precise implementation of ground levels of control systems for this is required to attract profits. Also, making use of captured and used knowledge also provides you with a set of already tried notes that will prove handy while implementing them in a coming project.

So, keep learning and keep moving as learning is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Learn and transform. Have a transforming Tuesday!

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay Krishna & Faber Mayuri Pandya

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