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Lessons Learnt from High Performing Lean Teams

  • By faber
  • August 30, 2018

Lean is the future and every organization should implement lean and its practices in their work culture to have higher productivity and profitability and simultaneously achieve the desired goals and targets. However, many might feel less informed or updated about the lean practices and might want to learn the key lessons that can help them in implementing the lean culture efficiently in their organization. This blog is for all such readers of ours as well as for them who have already implemented lean transformation journey and aim to enhance their journey and experience. Below is a list of five key lessons which we learn from high performing lean teams which will ultimately help you all.

Lesson 1 – Gain support from an executive sponsor for your journey

Adopting lean and its practices can consequently change the entire manufacturing philosophy and processes of an organization. Moreover, lean is a continuous process. It needs time and support for implementation and execution. Hence, it becomes very important for any organization implementing lean and its practices to garner support from an executive sponsor who will support the entire transformational journey. In a research study, it was revealed that more 69 percent of the lean teams achieved success by using executive sponsorship as one of the key tactics in the journey.

Lesson 2 – Do not create a fuss about experience

Experience can play a very crucial role in any lean journey. However, this does not mean that inexperience should be discouraged. In a study conducted by a group, it was found that 88 percent of the lean teams that were identified as beginners slowly made considerable progress that contributed to overall organizational growth and development. It is crucial to take the inexperienced along with the group and motivate them to achieve optimum results.

Lesson 3 – Avoid being involved in everything. Instead be a master of one at least

One is very likely to tend to implement various strategies in their lean journey right from the start. However, this is a very unorganized approach to start with the transformation journey. One should implement one strategy at once, introduce it to the team and work on perfecting it throughout its aspects ad core values. Once, a strategy is perfected, the team should then move ahead with another strategy and implement it.

Lesson 4 – Keep the flow smooth

The ultimate motive of lean and its journey is to add value and transport it to the consumers. It is every important for the leadership to keep the flow of value steady and enhance it whenever required to smoothen the consumer experience.

Lesson 5 – Enjoy the journey

It is very important for the team to enjoy the entire lean journey rather than stressing over about it. Being in sync with the process and being aware of the strategies involved in the process will automatically enhance the experience of the team and its members throughout the lean journey. You can achieve your goals only if you enjoy the process and are thoroughly into it.

Every lean team has its own journey and needs different tools and strategies to achieve their goals and targets. One should be very precise with the methodology they use to achieve perfection in their lean journey and consequently excellence. Despite all the difference, every lean journey must have the above given characteristics to have a clearer path and subtle journey that can help the organization develop and grow exponentially. Team Faber has been helping organizations across regions and sectors in their transformation journey. For further details contact us at [email protected]

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.