Life @ Faber

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Working On Site

We continuously encourage and support your growth as far as your career is concerned. People and culture at Faber Infinite makes it the best place to work. You’ll be constantly learning, and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Here you will not learn from the classroom training rather you will learn by working on site. Regions we cater to are Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific.


All Work & No Play, Makes Jack A Dull Boy

We aim to create an environment where people enjoy working. After all human resource is the richest capital we have. We have few fun activities as well at office. One of the most awaited event at Faber is the Annual Retreat. We believe in continuous evolution and team working. Hence, during the course, we not only continuously upgrade ourselves via various learning sessions but also have retreats for our team to bond better and thus flourish further. Also, the best performing team members are felicitated for all the good work.


Feedback & Mentoring

At Faber Infinite we have a 360 degree feedback mechanism, where we receive feedback regularly during each engagement. Every individual has a reviewer who monitors his/her performance over a period of time. In addition, each Faber team member has a mentor to turn to for advice on anything.

Even during engagements, the team leadership tries to ensure that each person gets sufficient opportunity to develop in the areas he or she wants to.