Operational Excellence Do’s and Don’ts

September 13, 2016by Faber Infinite0

One of the keys to the implementation of Operational Excellence principles is to become a learning Organization through persistence and continuous improvement. Implementing any change initiative is difficult.  If it wasn’t, each person would be doing it, but they are not. Although many organizations begin with their journey to bring about a change in the organization, only 5% organizations are successful in implementing and sustaining it. In this blog, we will talk about Operational Excellence Do’s and Don’ts.

The following parameters of do’s and don’ts aim at keeping Organizations focused on the facts thing rather than indulging in unwanted waste.

Do’s  of Operational Excellence
  • Communicate:

As in every part of life, communication across the entire supply chain network is essential.

  • Implementation strategy:

Every Organization has limitless improvement opportunities and potential along with the challenges. The opportunities, if correctly identified and properly realised can transform the Organization. Identify the implementation strategy to achieve transformation.

  • Coaching and Training:

A good coaching program is essential and could increase productivity leaps and bound. Training and validation of training assures that all associates understand the “steps for success.” If people don’t know the proper processes, they create inefficient steps gradually chipping away at productivity numbers.

  • Know your operations:

A beneficial step is to go through a process flow mapping. Initially this is challenging but a great tool for the future and should be maintained ongoing with any changes occurred over time.

  • Employee Engagement:

Employee buy in is a key component for the success of transformation initiatives. The focus should be to dive into the key strategies, training, and programs that increase employee engagement, align operational and financial goals and metrics, and improve performance through effective leadership and processes.

  • Implementation:

During the implementation phase, the drivers for improvement are rolled out along with appropriate training/ orientation for the employees involved in the transformation journey.

Don’t’s of Operational Excellence
  • Don’t just set it and forget, don’t blindly copy:

Don’t just set it and forget it. It is important to continually reevaluate your transformation efforts. Even when you take the long-term into consideration, changes in your plan, dynamic changes in demand levels and industry trends can create possibilities to further improve your Organization.

  • Operational Excellence

Operational Transformation is not a quick fix and you cannot pick and choose the tools you want to use: The key to ongoing success is to embed transformation as a philosophy, and a requirement in everybody’s role; safeguarding the right levels of line-management responsibility and accountability for gradually implementing the various tools and techniques that support it.

Operational Transformation, in fact, is hard work and it’s a challenge to keep it going.Companies that are leading the way with their ability to effectively drive it in their production operations have aligned their people, processes, and supporting technology to do so. Experience has shown that it is critically important to address the leadership and people issues as a first priority. Once these issues are addressed, it facilitates the ability to build deeper Organizational capabilities and use proven process methodologies to make continuous improvements.

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