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Consultants are the backbone of any organization’s transformation process. A consultant plays an important role in delivering the best to the organization that they are working with. They work round the clock, across boundaries and industrial sectors. Despite the hectic schedule they are always on time and deliver the expected results. In this edition of iFaber, we had a chat with yet another talented consultant from Faber Infinite Consulting – Mr. Amit Pawar. He has helped several clients in multiple industries in diverse paradigms. Below is an excerpt of our conversation with Mr. Pawar, Management Consultant at Faber Infinite Consulting.
Faber Infinite (FI): What is your role at FICS? What three words would you use to describe your role?
Amit Pawar (AP): At FICS, I work as a Management Consultant. And as a Management Consultant, my role includes working with the clients in their organizational transformation journey. No organization is the same, neither are the ways in which the organization operates. So every journey is different and has different challenges and as a part of the organizational transformation journey, I work hand – in – hand with the client teams for the implementation of different improvement initiatives.
If you ask me about the three words that would describe my role I would say; Go Getter, Finest Implementer and Customer Delight. As you know, being a consultant we need to get on the gemba (shopfloor) and work along with the client and their teams. It is a challenging job to work along with the client teams. Being a subject matter expert, I need to be always prepared to help the client solve their problems on time. As a consultant, we need to be highly energetic, have a good understanding of the client’s problems and support the client teams. Also, we work with the client teams from the top management to the shop floor levels to make sure that implementation is successful. I always aim to be the finest implementer and have been recognized for the same and being awarded as well for the exceptional situational leadership quality. Lastly, about Customer Delight, as you know, when any company hires an external consultant to help them, their expectations get higher and it is our job to fulfill the same and give them the desired results. Not just this, I have helped clients to get beyond what they have expected out of us. This is what we call as delighting the customer!
FI: What does a typical day look like for you at Faber?
AP: So, usually my day at Faber begins by wishing everyone a good morning with a cup of tea in my hand. I sit down to check my to-do-list which I prepare on the previous day and start finishing my tasks as mentioned. I interact with my peers and soak in the vibrant environment around me.
FI: What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?
AP: Consulting is a very challenging role. On each and every step, you find challenges. And the most rewarding thing about it is to be able to overcome those challenges and be ready for the new ones. Because it boosts your confidence and keeps you out of your comfort zone. And about all what makes it worthwhile, if I were to talk about myself, I have always wanted to get into consulting. After I finished my studies, I got into consulting and now, it’s been long years that I am into this role and this is something I feel worth putting all my efforts in because I am happy that at the end of the day, I am accomplishing something that I have always dreamt of.
FI: What is your personal mantra?
AP: My personal mantra is – Do not wait for the perfect opportunity or perfection in anything that comes to you. You should be able to make sure whatever opportunity you have or whatever task you are assigned to, you make it perfect.
FI: What is on your wish list for your next five years at Faber?
AP: As I mentioned earlier, I have always wanted to become a consultant and I am blessed to have the same profile here at Faber. And if I were to say about my goals for the next 5 years here, I would like to become just as hardworking and efficient as our top management and see myself in the list of top management. Although that position has its own challenges and power, pros and cons, I would still wish to become worthy to be seen at that position and lead a successful team and organization.
FI: What are your biggest professional challenges?
AP: As I mentioned earlier, consulting is full of challenges. To give you an example, as you know we have been working in 12 different regions including India, the biggest barrier that every consultant would face is language and culture. Not just foreign countries, even here, the organizational culture of each organization is different and you have least of the time to understand that and mold yourself into that. Because you have to work hand-in-hand with the teams, so it is necessary that you make them feel comfortable with you. So, these are a few of the biggest challenges that I face.
FI: If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?
AP:  I think if I were to change one thing about working here, then it would be to have more interactive sessions between consultants. As you know, our consultants work in different industries, different companies and different client locations, this session is one of those few times when each individual can communicate about their experiences and challenges and the way they overcome them. This helps other consultants because if any consultant faces similar challenges to that of others, they will have an idea of how to manage such issues or challenges. Although we do have such kind of sessions, but I think this should happen more frequently.
FI: How has Faber helped you in your career development?
AP: So, as you know we are mainly into operational and strategic consulting. I have always wanted to work in the domain of operational excellence. And Faber has provided that opportunity and platform, where I can align my skill set with my interest and I am really grateful for having such a platform where I can work on something I have always wanted to.
FI: What do you like most about Faber Infinite?
AP: I can say this without a doubt – the organizational culture at Faber. Everyone is easily accessible –  no matter where they are and at what time. If you need any help from your peers, they are always just a call away. And it isn’t something which is done under compulsion. If I were to give an example, you took my interview for iFaber after office hours because being a consultant, you too understand that we are at client sites and our timings keep varying. I find such understanding with each member of Faber. And not just that, the team is so supportive, that you get various opportunities to implement your learnings, share your experience and knowledge and much more. And you don’t just get the platform to showcase your skills, but also those skills are rewarded and recognized at one or the other level. So, all things put together, this is something that any employee in any organization would look forward to!
Thank you, Faber Amit, for sharing these wonderful and encouraging details about you and life at Faber. We wish you luck for all your future assignments.  

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