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People Excellence

  • By Meera
  • May 2, 2024
Who we are

We Transform Organizations

Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better. To achieve excellence, continuous profit & growth, enhanced customer satisfaction is the key which can be achieved, if everyone in organization is performing Right Functions with Right Thinking and working in the Right Direction. But how to transform organizations and build a culture of excellence where people perform right functions with right thinking and work in the right direction? Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that organizational success depends primarily on three aspects of Strategy, Operations and Design; with limitless opportunities to improve the same. It is formed with sole purpose of crafting growth opportunities of any organization. Faber Infinite Consulting is one of the finest Management Consulting and Capacity Building organizations with expertise in helping our client companies’ implement Transformation (Change) Management systems in order to become more effective, efficient and flexible in their operations. We are committed to help our clients to build successful enterprise, always striving for excellence, by establishing a culture of strategic, operational & design excellence; in order to transform. We strongly believe that ‘One size doesn’t fit all.’ We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’. Our novel methodology of tailor made implementation approach for each organization helps companies to achieve continuous benefits and customer satisfaction through continual improvement. Our delivery is entirely focusing on the real place of action approach with real people and real problems in real time.
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Over the past 20 year, to the consulting has been the first career step for many of the most talented young business leader.
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Our consulting, Whatever your career aspirations, we likely have the perfect role for you.
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We are providing the best and suitable financial consultation services for people.
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Hiring and developing truly exceptional people which is why we go out of our way to meet you online.
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Everything starts with a Marketing plan

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  1. Increase your conversion rate

    Helping innovators and brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and innovation.
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    Helping innovators and brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and innovation.

Building High Performance Teams

Along with excellence in strategy and operations, the key aspect for truly world class performance is the “People”. Faber Infinite believes that every individual has unmatched, unique, special and distinct potential in them. The identification of this potential act as a key for a person to play his organizational role better. That’s the beginning, of making an individual the best performer and building of an excellent and exceptional team. Thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and alignment enables us to provide meaningful insights. Faber Infinite delivers services using an interesting, well-thought and structured mix of experiential, psychometric and cognitive inputs. An eclectic mix of activities, indoor and outbound, gives participants a fun way of reaching their own solutions and exploring their unclaimed potential. This is used very effectively in a variety of interventions from Team Bonding, Team Effectiveness, and Leadership, further to Integration of Cross Functions.

We have a fantastic team of well-accomplished facilitators, each an expert in his/her field. In People Excellence arena we offer several customizable modules to build and sustain high performance in the core areas like

  • Leadership Performance Development: Teams, Projects, Goal Setting and others
  • Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Relationships, Communications, Trust
  • Skill Development: Managerial/ Supervisorial Skill development, Customer service, Sales enhancement and soft skills.
Organizational Structure Review and Redesign
Organizational Structure Review and Redesign is used to develop a detailed definition of each job in the organization. It also determines the appropriate pay for every position. It can also help hire the right people who will perform the duties that the organization needs to achieve their goals. It also allows to create a potential career path for employees as well as conduct analyses of the various job performance requirements.
Organization Design
It is a step-by-step methodology which identifies malfunctioning aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, aligns them to fit current business goals and develops plans to implement the new changes.

Objective Skill Analysis
Objective Skill Analysis are the skills you use to interact with others in the organization. They are competencies employees need to be successful in their respective roles and/or positions in the organization. Faber provides training in behavioral skills to the client employees.
Skill Development
Skills development is the training and development that the employer provides to his employees in the workplace. Faber has a team of well accomplished facilitators who conduct such skill analysis and development programs.

Management Development Program
Management Development Program refers to the process of measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. This form of assessment is primarily conducted to assess an employee or candidate’s fit to the role and responsibility in the organization. The aim of psychometric tests is to gain an accurate understanding of the candidate’s mental abilities and personality/behavioral style. Team Faber will help organizations to predict, based on objective data, which candidates will be most suitable for specific roles.
Performance Management System
Performance Management is a strategic approach of delivering successful results in companies by improving the performance and developing the skill set and capabilities of teams and individuals.