Plastic Industry needs to pull up its socks!

February 8, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Plastic is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has been one of the top contributors to the Indian economy and plays a very vital role in influencing it. After making a promising start in the year 1957, the plastic industry in India has grown and diversified rapidly. Analyzing the current scenario of the Indian plastic industry, the numbers are bound to witness an unprecedented and explosive growth in the next two decades in all the sectors of plastic industry – the demands, long term constructive goals and a time-bound action program.

As we witness 10th edition of PlastIndia Exhibition, lets take a pause to reflect on the future of the plastics industry and excellence in plastic industry.
Improvement Overview in the Plastic Industry

There are several areas in plastic industry that are overlooked when talked about improvement and transformation. Improvement in productivity with reduction in wastes is one of the noisiest problems that ring the ears of the authorities. Apart from this inventory management and improvement in OEE are some other problems which are affecting the plastic industry on a very broad level.

The plastic industry also needs a persuasive and compatible designing along with improvement at workplace. Equipment are the backbone of any manufacturing process and reduction in mould and breakdown of theses equipments must be worked on. Furthermore, the manpower operating these equipments and other processes should also be optimized through productivity improvement to increase efficiency and quality.

How Operational Excellence can help in tackling the challenges of Plastics Industry

The market is constantly evolving and diversifying. As a result, the competition has increased tenfold and so are the challenges. Operational Excellence (OE) and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) are some of the tools and practices that help one in eliminating the inefficiencies across the value chain. This ultimately leads to a significant drop in costs and improvement in the quality of the product.

Operational Excellence means adopting best practices, having a culture of continuous improvement and utilizing on the latest technologies in products and production methods to captivate on the maximum efficiency and deliver the optimum results.

Classical Operational Excellence (OE)/ World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Journey

Operational Excellence focuses on efficiency improvement and waste elimination in sync with higher asset utilization. Plastic industry is in dire need of Operational excellence to overcome the most problems surrounding it. In order to achieve a paradigm shift, LEAN manufacturing and Operational Excellence are the most important and vital tools for the transformation process.

Typical Steps to be inculcated by the Plastic Industry:

  • Current state analysis and setting goals for future state
  • Balancing the line so as to create smoother throughput
  • Finding approaches to eliminate temporary storage, staging, holding vessels
  • Eliminating redundancies in equipment by improving reliability
  • Potential for reduction in changeover/ startup time

Closing Remark

Operational Excellence is the way forward in the plastic industry. It is mature state in the auto industry but the plastic industry is no where behind. These practices have a very profound effect and a tremendous scope in the plastic manufacturing environment. The first visible change is the inception of a dust and dirt free work environment. It also helps in planning production better, reducing inventory levels, streamlining & standardizing business processes, improving on-time & complete shipments, and increasing access to data for faster decision-making. This directly adds to the bottom-line while simultaneously customers receive on time delivery and high quality products.

Faber Infinite has been actively involved with woven sack industry, blow moulding and injection moulding and other parts of the plastic industry and is constantly providing clients its services and is assisting them in adapting and evolving with the changing industry standards and demands. We have also been providing assistance to our clients with our copyrighted Organizational Transformation Framework© and are very consistent in adding value to the clients’ projects and organization.

by Faber Infinite

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