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March 30, 2019by Faber Infinite0

FabEx 2019 – flagship event by Faber Infinite Consulting – to prepare industry leaders for the next leap in the domains of Efficient & Smart Manufacturing, was successfully conducted on 8th March 2019 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was one of its kind, invite only symposium where industry experts and stalwarts came together to build and share best practices on the future of Man-Machine Partnership. If we were to envision the world in 2030, the partnership between man and machine will be reshaping lives and there are endless possibilities which the future holds.

It was a tremendous success as it witnessed 100+ top pioneers, practitioners, and leaders from different fields of manufacturing. The objective was to discuss the endless possibilities, which the future holds and was a perfect setting to share and evolve together towards exponential growth!

The theme of FabEx 2019 – ‘Man and Machine Partnership’, explored how the progressive organizations were working on winning the partnership between man and machine and how the future would be. The key challenges for next industrial revolution were touched upon and growth opportunities were identified with the base of a collective pool of thoughts with the best in manufacturing sector as well as the linkages among operational excellence, man and machine partnership and smart manufacturing were deciphered. FabEx 2019 has proved helpful for the business community to accelerate on the fast lane of the industrial revolution.

Noteworthy individuals like Mr. Jagmohan Singh Sekhon (Executive Advisor  – Reliance Industries Limited), Mr. Deepak Acharya (CEO – Inox India), Mr. Naresh Gaur (Senior VP Manufacturing – Amneal Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Manish Kothari (Managing Director – Rhino Machines), Mr. Vishal Dokania (Director – Durian Laminates), Mr. Sanjay Suthar (V.P. HR and IR – CERA Sanitaryware) & Mr. Rajendra Vijay (Senior Product Manager – Automation Anywhere), headlined the symposium.

The keynote address by Mr. Jagmohan Singh Sekhon marked the beginning of FabEx2019 where he highlighted about the industrial revolution and its impacts and how the 4th industrial revolution has helped find new and better ways to change the economic activities in our country.

As per the august panel, technology is taking over the intervention by man hence it is extremely important for organizations to understand and develop partnership between man and machine. With the evolving technology, the adoption of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing is an unavoidable necessity for the manufacturing industry. Which is why, strengthening the man and machine partnership is the need of the hour!

It is also noteworthy, that technology adoption does not mean eliminating manpower to make the system cost-effective or vice-a-versa. This event covered the aspects of man and machine partnership where leveraging the Operational Excellence and Effective Manufacturing were also important along with Smart Manufacuturing as well.

There are many who fear that as machines are getting smarter, humans will become obsolete. There is no doubt that machine learning capabilities will continue to advance. However, in the world of science, experts truly believe that man and machine relationship will remain symbiotic, and in fact, will become even more crucial. Effective and smart manufacturing solutions, the Internet of Things, smart analytics, and hyper-connectivity is shifting that depiction into a representation of the potential of digital transformation.

FabEx 2019 came to the conclusion that Operational Excellence is the backbone of the new infrastructure that the industry wants to create to prepare themselves for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The event was a grand success and was very well received by the industry and media.


The glimpse of the media coverage below:

Pre and post event thoughts of FabEx2019 have been well captured in the pre event and post event reports, which are available on request. Email us at [email protected]
We look forward to strengthening the man-machine partnership together!
Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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