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Quick Changeover Delivered Within GMP Norms!

  • By faber
  • September 30, 2019

Every industry has a need for growth and development along with improving quality, output and customer satisfaction. Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry is no different!

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Where the manufacturing dynamics are complex, market demands are varying and are governed by different regulatory norms. Hence, it is necessary for the organizations from this industry to have the most agile manufacturing setups which can easily adapt changes, but at the same time stick to the statutory regulations and GMP norms.

The Indian pharma industry is one of the largest providers of generic drugs. Considering the regulations that the industry must follow, organizations need to be up-to-the-mark and to deliver products on time in lesser cost and with desired specifications. Hence, under such a broad umbrella of regulations, it is difficult for the organizations to keep up with the factors like lower manufacturing cost to satisfy the customer demands and to generate most out of the investment. There are multiple opportunities that organizations from the pharma industry can cash on.

Improve Efficiency using Organizational Transformation

Team Faber Infinite Consulting with its proven Organizational Transformation Framework© integrated with other lean practices has helped organizations from the pharma industry to reduce changeover time (P-type and C-type) and thus helped to improve material flow, reduce production loss and output variability.

Our expert team has been delivering phenomenal results across 8+ countries, with 200+ clients and 10,000+ projects. Recently at one of the large pharma companies, we have worked with the client to increase the production by ~30% with same resources via improving equipment efficiency and performance and by a reduction in changeover times.  

We helped the organization reduce its changeover times and see drastic results, such as save 48% of change over time in the granulation process, 8% of the time in capsule filling, 12% of the time in compression, and 20% of the time on packing lines. We also go one step ahead with the client and work on the sustenance of the benefits delivered. The client is highly satisfied with the results delivered.

The proven framework by Faber Infinite is helping organizations from pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector grow leaps and bounds. We assure a 50% reduction in equipment changeover time. Embarking on the journey of organizational transformation is the way forward for the pharmaceutical industry. Contact us today at [email protected] to schedule our free complimentary analysis.