Your Window To World Class Performance

Faber benchmarking service provides a means to compare your organization against other businesses, and identify areas where you can improve your performance. It also involves internal audit of the process at the organization. Benchmark data will provide the foundation for understanding where the gaps are and what is needed to be done to improve performance.

Faber also provides in-depth analysis of organizations strengths and weakness, establishing a comprehensive road map for improving overall business performance.

Lately managers have recognized how manufacturing capabilities contribute to a company’s overall strategic strength. The ability to respond quickly to customers’ orders, to customize products to match customers’ exact requirements, or to ramp up production rapidly can be a powerful and difficult-to-imitate competitive weapon.

Many managers do not have the information necessary to develop, shape, and exploit their company’s manufacturing capabilities. As plants develop, however, they need guidance to build capabilities that meet current and future needs. Plant tours can be a powerful way of providing factories with that kind of direction.

Almost everyone who leads, works for, or interacts with a manufacturing company can benefit from seeing a factory firsthand. Plant visits allow senior executives to build a better understanding of a site’s performance potential; to assess a competitor; to rally the frontline workforce; and to communicate the company’s performance, strategy, and current challenges. Plant visits allow managers to share best practices with a partner, or to benchmark performance and practices.

Shop-floor operators can assess another plant’s operations and apply what they’ve learned to their own factories.

We help our clients plan such benchmarking tours which will help them understand the essence of successful manufacturing organizations in India, Japan etc. It will also give the client a better understanding of world class manufacturing organizations and their ability to do things of value that their competitors cannot do.  Benchmarking is a powerful way of developing a deep understanding of what those capabilities are and how they might be exploited.


  • Compare performance internally across different plants as well as externally across industry verticals
  • Create strategic objectives and identify the set of metrics that align to strategic objectives
  • Understand the top trends in your industry like Smart Manufacturing
  • Establish gaps in current performance
  • Establish world class performance in metrics and share best practices learned through the benchmarking process across teams
  • Establish People, Process, and Technology capabilities correlated with improving metrics