Harnessing Creativity And Craftsmanship

Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that organizational success is primarily driven by the ‘People’ with focus on three aspects: Strategy, Operations and Design Excellence.

‘Operational excellence’ is key element for efficient and effective execution in any organization. Operational Excellence is among one of the core areas focused on by Faber Infinite to help its clients operate better. Many organizations face problems in the field of operational activities. In the operational Excellence arena, Faber Infinite offers several customizable modules to build and sustain high performance teams.

Faber Infinite focuses on the operational functions, the challenges faced in carrying out the operations and the best way to solve the problems.

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Our business is making companies more profitable and valuable. As a part of the Strategic Excellence Framework we work with top management teams to beat their competition, go beyond boundaries, achieve goals, develop insights and rejuvenate teams.

Organizations cannot survive and flourish for a very long time without some basic goals. Goals give an organization a purpose and direction to move forward. Several organizations have declared goals and few others don’t have explicitly set goals. Organizations invest energies in SMART goal setting and yet end up not achieving it. For a very simple reason, you think, if you want to reach a destination but are unclear of directions to the destination; will you be able to reach? And even if you succeed, it may come at cost of efficiency and higher risks. The same applies to organizations!

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Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that success of the organization depends mainly on three aspects which can be listed as Operation Excellence, Strategic excellence and Design Excellence. The objective is to achieve Organizational Transformation.

As a part of Design excellence Team Faber works on the following solutions:

  • Product Innovation includes both new products and new uses for existing products
  • Process Innovation can be distinguished by production methods or delivery methods, or both
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Along with excellence in strategy and operations, the key aspect for truly world class performance is the “People”.

Faber Infinite believes that every individual have unmatched, unique, special and distinct potential in them. The identification of this potential act as a key for a person to play his organizational role better. That’s the beginning, of making an individual the best performer and building of an excellent and exceptional team.

Thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and alignment enables us to provide meaningful insights. Faber Infinite delivers services using an interesting, well-thought and structured mix of experiential, psychometric and cognitive inputs.

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Faber Infinite is in the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of the existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. As a part of our consulting services we provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, strategy development or operational improvement services.

Faber’s consulting services supports organizations in transformation and culture building initiatives by providing rapid, performance based, and implementation-focused solutions.

The insights and quality implementation services we deliver help transform organizations across the world. These solutions are customized and based on our unique 360transformation framework. This framework is devised by Faber Infinite for delivering sustainable improvement solutions. Our consulting team identifies and deploys the right tools based on the requirement of the client.

We have our own 360o consulting framework to guide the identification of problems and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks.

We Believe In

  • Value-Added and developed active operating performance metrics.
  • Delivering the best service which can offer optimum results.
  • Focused and expert proficiency which can drive the organization to achieve the best.
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to new demands
  • Standardized and harmonized processes
  • A culture of actually implementing various measures beneficial for the organization.

Faber Infinite takes traditional consulting a step further. Acting as more than just an advisor, we will work right alongside your team and get our hands dirty so that you receive detailed information on where to go next, how long it will take and what the ROI is.

We leverage Transformation and Continual Improvement tools and processes through our ‘Model for Excellence through 360 Degree Transformation’ to drive flexibility, control and responsiveness. The goal must be, designing and doing the right things by right methods with speed and agility as well as doing more with less starting with harnessing the intelligence and creativity of each and every employee.

Faber Infinite Differentiators

  • Excellent ROI: Our work with clients generates rapid results with a minimum of 3 to 5 times annual return of the consulting investment.
  • Sustenance: Most of the consulting organizations support improvements and the sustenance part is left to the clients. Faber Infinite Solution has taken sustenance as one of foremost priority for achieving Transformation.
  • Strategic Roadmap & Quantifiable Benefits: Faber Infinite works with clients’ leadership team to develop a comprehensive transformation road map for improvements with quantified benefits.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Using our innovative Transformation Event approach, we emphasize the transfer of knowledge by providing the right tools, with hands-on experience to support your transformational activities.