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Six Skills which they don’t teach you at Schools!

  • By faber
  • February 13, 2017

It is no longer a misconception that college and college education is not the ultimate source which would lead anyone to success. The theoretical college education does not come in handy while on real fields. Practical exposure is the most important requisite then.

Below are six significant skills required for successful life, the skills which are not taught at college.

1) Networking: Networking refers to communicating. Communication is the most essential thing which can build up good professional relations. Not only building relations but maintaining it is also very important. Networking also helps to improve the personality, develop a person professionally and foster the growth of the person.

2) Set achievable and realistic goals: Setting up goals is an important aspect. Realistic, achievable goals should be set with particular deadlines which would enable to not get sidetracked from attaining the tasks. Deadlines also help to gear up to perform better. College education may not teach this and thus it’s very important to learn and excel this art of setting achievable and realistic goals.

3) Identifying and Setting Priorities: This is also one of the important things to be done. While in college, many do not prioritize things. But that’s not acceptable in a professional life. You need to set definite goals, identify priorities and work accordingly.

4) Get Feedback: One of the crucial parts is getting feedback. This is very important because it helps us to improve. Feedback must be taken in good spirit. It usually acts as a motivation when positive. But negative feedback should be considered positive and must be used as a revision to review mistakes and understand where one went wrong. This helps to improve to perform better than the present task.

5) Work with a Cross-Functional Team: Cross – Functional means working with group of people having expertise in diverse fields. This gives an exposure and experience of working with different people, learning new things, developing on personal and professional front. Different people with different expertise when come together to achieve a common goal it would obviously deliver the best result.

6) Becoming the leader: Leadership is not an easy task. It is a very difficult thing to do, rather one of the most difficult thing which involves leading people from different background, mentality, attitude, etc. Workplace is the best place to explore your leadership skills and lead people to achieve the goals. It involves listening to the people, understanding their flaws and capabilities and motivating them to give their best.

Thus, workplace is the real place where we showcase our hidden potentials, skills and competence and which helps us to develop both personally and professionally.

Have a Transforming Tuesday!