Supporting Clients During Lockdown

July 30, 2021by Faber Infinite

Team Faber Infinite has always supported clients during unprecedented times and assisted them to deliver phenomenal results leading to productivity improvement, cost optimisation, higher profitability, and much more across industries and geographies.

COVID -19 pandemic has hit hard on everyone changing the way of work, thus making organizations think about the new normal. Aligning the activities according to these different times has been challenging. Team Faber Infinite has always supported organizations by making them more productive with our unique and proven Organizational Transformational Framework©. We are glad to share glimpses of a few of the clients.

Clients supported during lockdown from India:

Pharmaceuticals: Our client from the Pharmaceutical Industry was facing challenges such as Low customer satisfaction, Low throughput, Low machine availability & performance, Higher Inventory Cost, High Changeover times, and many others.

Results Delivered

  • 20% improvement in throughput
  • 50% improvement in on time in full delivery
  • 15% improvement in machine availability & performance
  • 15% reduction in changeover times
  • Structured Performance Management System implemented

Engineering: Another client from the Engineering Industry was facing challenges such as High throughput time, Low manpower productivity, Overall high operations cost, Low on time in full delivery, Higher inventory carrying cost, and more.

Results Delivered

  • Reduction in throughput time by 30%
  • Improvement in Value-Added Ratio by 24%
  • Transportation Index reduction by 224-ton meter
  • Improvement in inventory costs by INR 1.5 crore (15 Million)
  • Reduction in overtime by 3.5 times

Laminates & Decorates: The client from Laminates & Decorates Industry was facing challenges such as High throughput time, Low productivity, High Inventory, Low OTIF, Low machine utilization, and others.

Results Delivered

  • 12% improvement in manpower productivity
  • 25% improvement in throughput
  • 15% improvement in machine availability & performance

Flexible Packaging: Client from the Flexible Packaging Industry was facing challenges such as Rework at rewinding section, Low efficiency at printing machine, Low manpower productivity, Frequent breakdowns, Higher Inventory, Higher performance losses at extrusion, High Changeover times, High Overall Plant Wastage, and others.

Results Delivered

  • 25% Improvement in machine availability
  • 67% Improvement in productivity
  • 40% reduction in changeover time
  • 30% reduction in plant wastage
  • 16% reduction in rework
  • 31% improvement in production quality

Precision Engineering: The client from Precision Engineering Industry was facing challenges such as Low OTIF, High throughput time, Machine Breakdown, Inventory carrying cost, High changeover times.

Results Delivered

  • 27% improvement in OTIF deliveries
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in complaints
  • 15% improvement in changeover times
  • 20% improvement in plant throughput
  • Improvement in machine availability
  • 20% reduction in inventory

Textile: Clients from the textile industry were facing challenges such as quality management, data management practices & implementation of other standards

Results Delivered

  • Reduced change over time by 10%
  • Reduced material movement by 30%
  • Increased overall productivity by 15-18%
  • Reduced inventory days to 90 days from 178 days
  • Improved work area, by improving Five S score from 15% to 65%

FMCG: Client from the FMCG industry is setting up a green field integrated food park. Team Faber Infinite Consulting is working closely with the client teams to roll out efficient world class plant layout via Lean Facility Design Framework by Faber Infinite. It will not only efficiently design facility layout but improve production and storage capacities, addresses material handling & quality issues, standardization and support automation.

Clients Supported During Lockdown from Africa:

FIBC: Client from FIBC Industry faced challenges such as Low production output, Low machine availability & performance, Low manpower productivity, High maintenance cost, High plant wastage, High changeover times, High WIP inventory (Bobbin & rolls)

Results Delivered

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at converter improved by 20%
  • OEE at looms improved by 17% 
  • Productivity increased by 20%
  • Wastage at converter reduced by 50%
  • Wastage at looms reduced by 52%
  • Wastage at tape plant reduced by 20%

FMCG: Another client from the FMCG industry in Africa engaged Faber Infinite for line extension and sales growth via Sales Growth Framework to enhance sales and sustainable growth.

Results Delivered

  • Total sales have increased by 19%
  • Market penetration improved
  • 100% sales growth in one of the products

Team Faber Infinite has done extensive efforts to assist their clients from various industries and prioritizing challenges faced by them, and has always given the best suitable solutions to them. 

Revamp your Transformation & Operational Excellence Journey with proven frameworks designed and developed by Faber Infinite. Contact us to start your journey with Faber Infinite at [email protected]

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Written by Faber Nency and Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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