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Supporting Clients During Lockdown

  • By faber
  • May 30, 2021


Team Faber Infinite has always supported clients during difficult times and delivering remarkable results leading to significant production improvement, cost reduction, and sustaining profitability.

COVID 19 has changed the way industries operate, and businesses have revamped their strategies to survive & thrive in this new normal. Going back to old school strategies is not helpful now.

Clients galore from various industries such as consumer goods, flexible packaging, PP woven packaging, agricultural products and seeds, solar panel manufacturers, precision engineering, irrigation pipes, sliver can manufacturers, decorative laminates, pharmaceuticals – formulations & injectable, and heat exchanger have been successfully served by Team Faber Infinite even during the pandemic-driven times.

Clients had several operational challenges like low production & productivities, high inventory, high wastage, high machine breakdown, low machine availability, high maintenance costs, high rework & quality issues, high changeover time, low employee engagement, a decline in sales & much more.

Our expert team of consultants along with client teams got to the root of these multiple issues, thus delivering remarkable outcomes.

Sharing some of the glimpses of tangible benefits delivered a few of the client locations:


  • 20% improvement in production
  • 67% improvement in productivity
  • 25% improvement in machine availability
  • 50% improvement in on time in full delivery
  • 65% reduction in inventory cost
  • 83% improvement in local sales growth
  • 16% improvement in export sales
  • 20% reduction in inventory
  • 27% improvement in On Time & In Full Delivery

Team Faber Infinite offers a sustainable solution to the organization, and our consultants have hands-on expertise dealing with numerous challenges faced by our clients from several industries.

Revamp your Organizational Transformation journey with a unique framework designed and developed by Faber Infinite to provide reliable solutions and provide a key to answer all your operational excellence challenges. Contact us today at [email protected].

Written & Compiled by Faber Nency and Faber Mayuri