Inventory Management to Improve Cash Flow

Did you know, one of the world’s leading corrugated containers & plastic bag manufacturers was able to reduce inventory by $150 million by implementing a structured inventory management module? In this blog, we will discuss about Inventory Management to Improve Cash Flow. One of the world’s leading corrugated containers & plastic bag manufacturers were facing...

The Power of Lean Six Sigma

Did you know, The US army is saving billions of dollars with the help of lean six sigma? Since 2006, thousands of military officials have been achieving Green Belts, Black Belts & Master Black Belt SIx SIgma. The Army used Lean Six Sigma methodologies to save more than $19 billion by eliminating operational inefficiency and...

Friday Fact – Handmade for You!

Did you know, Ducati can produce up to 300 ‘handmade’ motorcycles per day? In the year 1994 when Ducati was a new brand in the market, its production capacity was 20 motorcycle a day. But if a customer orders a monster than he had to wait for 9 months for the bike to get delivered,...

Can Lean and Innovation Work Together?

Lean manufacturing has attracted many eyeballs lately and has proved to be a useful tool for the manufacturers to garner profits and increase their revenue. Lean tools and techniques not only help the leadership in achieving benefits at the top levels, but also helps them in benefitting at lower levels as well. Many companies across...

Friday Fact – Uncover the Hidden Inefficiencies

Did you know, Jidoka has been helping organizations like Toyota build extra-ordinary quality since more than even 125 years before Industry 4.0? It was used in automated weaving machine by Japanese inventor Sakichi Toyoda. This was further developed by Toyota & then included in their production system. In Japanese Jidoka means, Building quality into the process or automation with...

Lessons Learnt from High Performing Lean Teams

Lean is the future and every organization should implement lean and its practices in their work culture to have higher productivity and profitability and simultaneously achieve the desired goals and targets. However, many might feel less informed or updated about the lean practices and might want to learn the key lessons that can help them...

Not just skill, build attitude as well.

Employee Training is essential to the success of any and every organization. It helps employees to build skills and competencies required to improve top line & bottom-line results for the organization. Faber Infinite offers a broad range of training programs that are well received by today’s most demanding organizations. Here we are sharing glimpses of...

Be Lean – Emerge Stronger !

SMEs are the backbone of any country’s economy. In a study done by an international research organization, SMEs constitute more than 50 percent of the global employment and 90 percent of the global trade and commerce. The development and growth of SMEs play an influential factor in the global economy and any country’s GDP. Lean...

10 golden rules of Inventory Management

Inventory plays a crucial role in complying with the demands and in creating value for the manufacturer as well as for the customer. Moreover, inventory is also one of the wastes that impacts the business and minimizes the profits and profitability of the organization. Hence, it becomes important for any business to maintain enough inventory...

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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