The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs

There is difference between a “strategy” and a “successful strategy”.

This difference is unlocked by the three most popular CEOs – Bill Gates (Microsoft), Andy Grove (Intel) & Steve Jobs (Apple). These men have successfully defined the meaning of “successful strategy” which is captured in the book named “Strategy Rules” by David Yoffie and Michael Cusumano. The answer to this question is depicted by 5 Key strategies, which include the common leadership lessons from three different perspectives.

This book is about strategies, principles, and skills of three of the most successful and influential figures in business—offering lessons for all managers and entrepreneurs on leadership, strategy and execution. “Strategy Rules” examines these three individuals collectively for the first time—their successes and failures, commonalities and differences—revealing the business strategies and practices they pioneered while building their firms in 5 key strategies.

Please find below insights from these 5 key strategies:

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