The 8 Self-Assessments You Need to Improve at Work This Year

January 26, 2016by Faber Infinite0

Approaching another Tuesday and we are delighted to share yet another interesting compilation from our Transformation Tuesday series.

We all want to grow – no matter what skills we have to improve, important is where to begin? To help you out how to go about it, please find below series of 7 self-assessments, which shall point towards improvement potentials.

  • Productivity: How can you do everything with not enough hours in a day? A range of advices is available, which presumes that one size fits all. But in fact it changes according the way one prefers to perceive information. Hence, take this assessment to understand your own style and discover productivity tips that like-minded people have found most effective.

  • Work/ Life balance: If you think to spare time with your family and for your leisure activities, you probably need to figure out how to fit those activities in your busy schedule. Take this assessment to compare your priorities with how you actually allocate your time and energy.

  • Cultural skill: Due to business globalization, it’s essential to collaborate with people from different culture. This assessment helps you see key differences in eight areas where cultural gaps are most common, like communicating, scheduling, trusting, and disagreeing – and shows you how you compare with the norm for your culture in each area.

  • Emotional intelligence: Relationships matter at work, and you need emotional intelligence to be an effective leader. Take a quiz to test yourself on five critical EI skills– emotional self-awareness, positive outlook, emotional self-control, adaptability, and empathy. At the end, you’ll receive advice on how to respond more mindfully.

  • Communication Skills: If this is an area you’d like to improve, you’re not alone. The popularity of grammar quiz shows just how many struggles with writing.

  • Financial skills: Of course, it’s equally important to be financially literate, especially if you’re eager to advance in your organization. Take 10-question finance quiz. At the end you’ll see correct answers with explanation, so you can brush up on key concepts to become a more effective leader.

  • Managing your stakeholders: This assessment asks what you would do in five “managing up” scenarios. After answering, you will learn which approaches experts recommend. You also receive links on how to cultivate your most important relationship at work­ — your relationship with your stake holder.

We trust that the links helped you to assess yourself.

To explore more, you may click here. Thank you.

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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