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The Power of Lean Facility Design : Improve Efficiency

  • By jahnvis
  • September 20, 2023

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimise their processes, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. One powerful solution that has emerged to address these challenges is Lean Facility Design (LFD), a groundbreaking framework developed by Faber Infinite Consulting. In this blog, We will discuss about the The Power of Lean Facility Design©: Revolutionising Manufacturing Efficiency.


Understanding Lean Facility Design© (LFD) 

Designing a new industrial factory layout is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal efficiency, safety, and functionality. 

Lean Facility Design, often abbreviated as LFD, represents a comprehensive approach to crafting factory layouts that are not only exceptional but also highly effective and efficient from the very beginning. Developed by Faber Infinite Consulting, LFD is a 14 steps methodology which ensures that the new layout of a facility becomes lean and efficient from Day ONE. LFD stands out for its ability to streamline manufacturing processes and optimise production flow seamlessly. 

This methodology is applicable for organizations that are coming up with new facilities, revising layouts, shifting, or expanding current setup. 


Why is Lean Facility Design Important? 

  1. Preventing Inefficiency

One of the primary objectives of LFD is to eliminate inefficiencies in factory layouts. By carefully designing the flow of materials, equipment placement, and workspace organization, LFD ensures that the entire production process operates smoothly, minimising delays and disruptions. 

  1. Optimum Space Utilization

 LFD focuses on maximising the use of available space within a facility. This is crucial for both cost savings and accommodating the evolving needs of a growing organization. 

  1. Decreasing Throughput Time

Reducing the time, it takes to complete a product from start to finish is a key goal of LFD. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows organizations to respond more effectively to market demands. 

  1. Improving Manpower Productivity

Efficient factory layouts designed with LFD lead to improved productivity among the workforce. Employees can work more effectively in an organised and optimised environment. 

  1. Achieving Optimum Inventory Levels

LFD helps organizations strike the right balance between inventory levels. This prevents overstocking and minimises the risk of stock outs, ensuring a smoother production process. 

  1. Implementing Visual Management

Visual cues and indicators are integrated into LFD layouts, making it easier for employees to understand and manage processes. This enhances communication and decision-making on the shop floor. 


Results Delivered by LFD in Different Industries 

Let’s take a closer look at some of our clients that have implemented the Lean Facility Design© framework and the remarkable results they achieved: 

  1. Metal Packaging Industry

– 50% improvement in throughput time 

– 37% improvement in productivity 

– 21% increase in constructed shed space 

– 21% increase in production capacity 


  1. Cryogenic Engineering Industry

– 40% improvement in unit production 

– 44% improvement in manpower productivity 

– 37% reduction in production throughput time 

– 32% reduction in traveling time 


  1. Packaging Industry

– Space savings of 402 Sq. Mtr. (about the area of a basketball court) 

– 9% improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

– 60% increase in production 

– 4.08% waste reduction 

– Zero accidents recorded after the project, thanks to improved 6s culture in the plant 


  1. Ceramic Manufacturing Industry

– 85% improvement in overall throughput time 

– 112% improvement in productivity 

– 25% increase in production capacity 

– 54% reduction in the distance traveled 


  1. Filtration Industry

– 86% improvement in production 

– 24% improvement in throughput 

– 43% reduction in distance traveled 

– 33% improvement in productivity 

– 25% improvement in inventory management 


These remarkable results speak volumes about the transformative power of Lean Facility Design. Whether in the metal packaging industry, cryogenic engineering, packaging manufacturing, ceramic production, or filtration, LFD has consistently delivered substantial improvements in efficiency, productivity, and overall operational excellence. 


In conclusion, Lean Facility Design© (LFD) is not just a framework; it’s a catalyst for change and growth in manufacturing industries. Its ability to optimise factory layouts, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance productivity has made it a vital tool for organizations seeking to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market. The impressive results achieved across various industries stand as a testament to the remarkable impact of LFD in revolutionising manufacturing efficiency.  


If your organization is striving for excellence in factory layout and production processes, Lean Facility Design© by Faber Infinite Consulting could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.