Transformation Tuesday

Encouraging Each Other
Creating Learning Culture
Greetings from Faber Infinite! What is culture? A simple definition is “the way we do things around here”. If you want a more complex definition that, in essence, means the...
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Insights on Leadership
'Any continuous improvement journey cannot succeed without top management commitment. It is rightly said people improve processes but right people at right position is equally important. Along with people, leadership...
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Insights on Kaizen
As a human being, everyone prefers to work in their comfort zone. People don’t want to taste new water unless they are compelled to do so. As a person, everyone...
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Insights on Waste in Office
We all spend majority of our time out of 24 hours at office. Isnt’ it?  Do we actually maintain high level of cleanliness at our workplace or we consider it...
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Industrywise Spend on Process Excellence
Greetings from Faber Infinite! Continuous Improvement journey starts with No one, Nowhere to Somebody, Somewhere and it goes to Everybody, Everywhere. In this process, many people are involved and they...
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Lean Manufacturing
Every person is unique in his/her own way and his thinking decides the way he wants to grow. Growth can be achieved if things are done in right way and...
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